New Moon in Gemini . . . Mercury, Messenger to the Underworld

Happy New Moon! Don’t let the mercury retrograde fool you. This is a Gemini new moon! Surprise! Not really all that emotional. It’s more like intellectual and restless. This area of the sky is completely one sign off in western … Continue reading

HAPPY SUMMER SOLSTICE . . .Renewal of the Spirit

Happy Summer Solstice! Today marks the Summer Solstice. It’s officially the 1st day of summer. It’s also the 1st day the sun truly enters Gemini. If you have a google sky map application on your phone, you can view the … Continue reading

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini and Taurus . . . The Creative Rebirth Process

It’s that time again! Time for the infamous Mercury Retrograde!!! But what is Mercury retrograde? And how can we deal with it without getting caught up in its web of confusion?

Mercury retrograde is actually an optical illusion caused by a difference in speed. From Earth it looks like Mercury is going backwards for about 3 weeks. Like when cars are side by side one is travelling faster and the other one looks like it’s in reverse. Although the car isn’t going backwards, it sure feels like it!! Mercury is the planet of all forms of communication, reasoning, business, money transactions, currency, travel, mechanics and also functioning of the mind itself. This retrograde will especially be strong because it starts with Mercury in Gemini. When Mercury retrogrades all of these things are up for review and renewal with careful consideration. All of the RE words apply during a retrograde and this is a great way to REmember how to handle them. Rest, Review, Remember, Rewind, Reconsider, Reevaluate, Return, Rewrite, Reunite, Reschedule, Relationships, Report, Reboot, Restructure, Reconfigure, Receive, Receipts, Reason, Rejuvenate, Rebirth, Regenerate!

I especially love the word regenerate for this retrograde. Mercury will be in Gemini and go back into Taurus. It’s time to regenerate our minds and creative expression. Air sign retrogrades are about how we are looking at things. Our perspective. We can now look at our current situations from many different angels and make necessary adjustments. It’s a great time for writing and making important revisions to our plans. Relationships may need to be reevaluated. Also some of our dreams and goals we have ignored or forgotten will be resurfacing during this period of refection. Go through old notes and papers to find hidden treasures and lost contacts. Yes Mercury retrograde does bring delays of all kinds so give yourself plenty of travel time to get places. Be patient and intuitive. Fated events happen during a retrograde. This can also be the best time to take a vacation or a time out. Somethings from the past return or reveal themselves to us. Reflect in a way that will improve your creativity in the future.

Mercury retrograde is a super imaginative time and this one will facilitate major artistic growth. Come up with creative ways of self-expression and networking for your business. Old customers and friends are always a focus for mercury retrograde. All life on earth will be rearranging for a few weeks so why not flow with the energy and let your imagination be your guide?

See mercury retrograde isn’t all that bad. All things mechanical and with moving parts need a rest and reboot time. So be patient and make sure all computers, phones, cars and electronic systems are up to par. They may need immediate repair or replacement. Double check all mail, email and addresses. The unexplainable can happen. Save all documents twice if you have to. Mercury is also historically the trickster and magician.

If you would like to know more about this alignment and where it’s happening in your personal 13 sign birth chart (review our services and fill out contact form below). Mercury will be retrograde till July 1st. Enjoy!