Full Moon in Serpentarius Ophiuchus . . . The 13th Sign

Happy Full Moon!

By now most of us have heard about the 13th sign in astrology. But is it real and what is it called? Where did it come from and why does it have to change everything? I hope to shed a little light on what this sign is all about, especially since my birthday, November 30th is the official 1st day of the 13th sign!

I found the 13th sign, Serpentarius or Ophiuchus, about 13 years ago! Yes! In 2001, I was 19 years old and already heavily into astrology. By then, I had read just about every book in the library on western tropical zodiac and was onto sidereal, Vedic, Egyptian and Indian astrology studies. Once the words Serpentarius Ophiuchus entered my vocabulary, I never stopped looking for more info on the subject. Sidereal astrology is based on the actual positions of the stars and that’s how I found it. I can honestly say knowing the true position of my planets has given me a unique ability to give more in-depth readings and directly channel planetary energy.

So what’s up with this Ophiuchus sign?

Serpentarius Ophiuchus is located in the center of our galaxy, keeping everything together. This constellation holds the keys to many mysteries. It includes 2 black holes and supernovas, super bubbles and mini star burst galaxies, intense heat, shock waves and molecular oxygen just to name a few! I find it interesting and no coincidence that the ancients named this part of the heavens Serpens and Snake Nebula then hid it. All of the secret societies and conspiracy theories do come to mind, and they should! Serpentarius Ophiuchus represents all hidden knowledge especially alchemy. In mythology Ophiuchus embodies the legacy of Asclepius and Imhotep, master healers and magicians. In antiquity the symbol of the snake represents wisdom and sacred knowledge of ascension and life after death. All around the world snakes were depicted as extra-terrestrial with the power to transform.

Could the 13th sign be a gateway to other dimensions?

There really is so much I could go into about this subject and I would encourage you to have your 13 sign birth chart done by me to see what area (house) this energy is being projected. In astrology each sign governs an area of the body and a mode of operation. The 13th sign is positioned between Scorpio and Sagittarius. What does it represent? The kundalini of course. Snakes in a black hole. Transformation. The 3rd Eye and beyond. The Astral Body and all its powers. I can tell you from personal experience and also historically we all have these abilities. Some people are just more aware of it and utilize them more than others. Being born with 4+ planets and asteroids in the Scorpio Serpentarius zone, there was no way I would miss this information.

Cosmic Consciousness of Snakes and Magicians

Serpentarius Ophiuchus is still a mystery and may always be to the western world of thinking. I’ve decided to compile keywords, gods and goddesses and pictures to stimulate the awareness for this Full Moon deep in the 13th sign.
13th sign chakras  13th sign eye 3
Keywords: Healing, Astral travel, dream interpretation, divination, past lives, umbilical cord, portal, doorway, ancestral work, channeling, medium, reiki, out of body, kundalini, tantra, hypnosis, magic, alchemy, shaman, psychedelics, transformation, meditation

Gods and Goddesses: Serket, Medusa, Imhotep, Asclepius, Wadjet, Kali, Quetzalcoatl, Sekhmet

Symbols: Caduceus, Uraeus, Staff, Wand, Web, Dream Catchers, Lightning, Poison/Antidote, 3rd Eye, Kundalini, Chakras, Aura, Illuminati, Secret Orders and Societies, Intuition, Reptilian Brain, Aliens, Time travel

This Full Moon Serpentarius energy will be in effect for 2 weeks until the New Moon. It’s a great time to get into your healing gifts and do a cleanse. This type of energy tends to pull on everything around it as it funnels and recycles information. Find more time to pray, chant, visualize and meditate as the heavens are extra activated and open. All you have to do is bring it down.

If you would like to know more about this alignment and where it’s happening in your personal 13 sign birth chart (review our services and fill out contact form below).

4 thoughts on “Full Moon in Serpentarius Ophiuchus . . . The 13th Sign

  1. A friend asked me two days ago if I had heard of a 13th zodiac — I said, NO!!
    I’ve been reading about it for two days now. Immediately struck by the traits I’ve seen online… I said to my friend, “Omg, that’s me to a “T” — with one or two exceptions like, I’ve never been big on taxes or jealous much” LOL.

    Though I realize Nov 29th/30th starts the sign – I still feel ??connected??; maybe it’s my Sage ASC or my 11th house Neptune (possibly in Ophiuchus). idk

    Thanks for sharing your insight!!
    Douglas Hill
    born: Canton, Ohio
    10:53 am

  2. Almost all of the things you say is supprisingly precise and it makes me ponder the reason why I hadn’t looked at this with this light before. This particular article really did switch the light on for me as far as this specific subject goes. Nonetheless there is actually 1 factor I am not too comfy with and whilst I attempt to reconcile that with the main idea of the point, allow me see what all the rest of the readers have to say.Very well done.

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