Raw Goddess Femi is a master astrologer with 15+ years of study and experience.  She specializes in researching & decoding the mysteries the 13-Sign Zodiac. Over 10 years ago she uncovered the shocking truth that there are actually 13 sun signs not 12. Since then she has devoted the last decade or so to learning, demystifying and teaching the real Astronomical Dates in relation to all planets, asteroids, and points when generating chart readings. She is actually born on the 1st day of the 13th sign November 30th. Knowing your real Sky Map is very important! If you are very curious about Astrology or if you are a lifelong student like Femi then you will find this scientifically proven knowledge highly enlightening to say the least.

She firmly believes studying astrology knowing where the heavenly bodies really are is priceless. Femi has many other spiritual talents and astrology is one of the most important tools she uses to help people because it is a energetic map of our physical existence on Earth. To know actual locations and energetic patterns is the only reason why she is a Believer. Astronomy is the study where she got more clarity. The Raw Goddess has essentially merged Astrology and Astronomy studies proving that they both were once One.

Raw Goddess Femi also does Chinese and Mayan Astrology, I-Ching, Kabballah Name Numerology, Relationship and Past Life Astrology, Dream Symbolism Interpretations, Life Path Numerology and Channeling.


13 sign astrology 2



$35.00   13 Sign Astrology Profile

$55.00   13 Sign Astrology Profile & 60 minute Consultation

$100.00   13 Sign Birth Chart  & 30 minute Consultation

$200.00   13 Sign Birth Chart & 60 minute Consultation *FULL

*Complete 75+ page chart with actual planet placement screen screenshot

$250.00  13 Sign Couples Compatibility Analysis & 60 minute Consultation *FULL

*Global availability


Click the link below and you will be redirected to paypal.com, send money rawgoddessinc@gmail.com or call us at 1-510-240-2014


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6 thoughts on “13 SIGN ASTROLOGY

  1. Hi there. I’m very curious to understand this 13th sign. In 12 sign astrology I am June 21, gemini-cancer and everything about being ruled by these 2 signs makes perfect sense. The new astrology says I’m Taurus which I have absolutely no relation too? Do the characteristics change? Are the astrological attributes of the sign slightly different now?

  2. It would be so helpful to be able to read a little about the 13 signs and the framework before committing financially. Am I missing an info part on your site that provides a little more information on this? Many thanks and blessings! : )

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