Mercury Retrograde in Taurus….. Returning to Love

Happy Mercury Retrograde Season!

It’s that time again and everybody’s talking about it! I have to admit its pretty cool seeing so many people aware of cosmic changes and events! Now let’s spread more knowledge about the 13th Sign and natural sidereal star based time as opposed to western. Speaking of opposition, the full moon happens when the Sun and Moon are 180 degrees apart. Oppositions create balance and are harmonious magical wands when we see both sides of the spectrum. This next full moon on June 2nd will be in Ophiuchus Serpentarius the 13th Sign! Get out you google sky map apps and check it out for yourself! I don’t just make this stuff up. I just happen to be born the 1st day of the 13th sign. November 30th. This mercury retrograde in Taurus will involve money. Taurus is one of the most fortunate signs and so this is a good time for wealth building! Do what inspires you and for the sake of humanity. You just may find hidden gold. This is a retrograde great for advancing artistic skills of all kinds. Take care of old bills and debts. Use art and color as a healing force.

“Make Love not War” The Goddess presiding over Taurus is Het Heru aka Hathor. Oshun is another great goddess to channel for this transit. Taurus is a sign that can be hard or soft and sweet. It’s the hard lessons that often soften us. Taurus brings this lesson. Working with the earth in your community garden is favorable for healing and building a strong foundation. You can’t eat money. But you can save and heal the world by coming together, keeping it a beautiful place. Love is the lesson AND the answer here on Earth. Focus on the love and you will be more than alright! All Mercury Retrogrades this year will be in EARTH Signs not Air like western tropical astrology says. Nope. These retrogrades are for building VALUES. They are helping us get a deeper sense of being here on Earth and our relation to it, as we shift to a greater Collective Consciousness. The Universe is perfect already. No need to move the constellations into seasonal astrology. I do sidereal astrology and I account for the mystical 13th sign, correcting all western inconsistencies. Trying to be in both paradigms will confuse anyone so I suggest switching to eastern ASAP. I’m starting up my private classes and would love to hear from all of my 13 sign supporters! I would also love to hear from people who are still holding onto western astrology and may need that little extra push I can provide. Taurus is the sign of perseverance. Manifest what you want! Taurus will bring it! We are no longer a slave race. Humans have the ability to be free but are still reliving lifetimes of captivity. The Earth is shaking that old world crap off and so are her children. Your own personal journey will be unique to you and is rapidly changing as you state your intent. Use one of the most powerful alignments of the year to shift your reality as you see fit. Good Luck Star Family!

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New Moon in Taurus. . . .Het Heru, the Goddess of Love

Happy New Moon!

A new moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon are conjunct or aligned in the same zodiac sign. In real 13 sign astrology that means it’s happening at the beginning of Taurus, the cow horn priestess Het Heru, on May 17th, 2015 at 11:13PM EDT. The Sun will actually stay in Taurus until June 19th. The new moon is a time of deep introspection and setting intentions for new beginnings. Het Heru is the Goddess of love and therefore creative manifestation. She teaches us to enjoy life and actualize our dreams. What we see in our minds is what we feel in our hearts and this new moon is all about it! She is The Law of Attraction, before anything can manifest, it has to exist in our spirit first! We create our life with our imagination. Het Heru reminds us to channel our sexual energy into higher spiritual realms. She is THE sky Goddess giving birth to our reality here on earth. The sacred cow. We create what we desire and focus on with a passion. Anything goes, so focus wisely.

Het Heru Goddess LG
This is a very sensual new moon highlighting art, music, dance and fertility. Het Heru also is represented as Oshun, Aphrodite, Venus and Hathor. Her worship is very old and even predates the official dynasties of ancient Egypt. She is everything that is true and good. The mother of light in the sky. Manifestation.
To maximize the potential in this new moon, beautify yourself and All around you. Work with The Power of Intention. The Power of Creation. If you’ve been looking for a creative breakthrough, now is this time! Activate the kundalini (sexual) energy.  Work with the subconscious mind to visualize the life you want. This is how life is created. Channel your imagination to inspire something beautiful with love and art. Make a new vision board. Focus only on what you want to happen in your life. Het Heru is the mother of every God and every Goddess. So you have to go through her to manifest anything here on earth, with love and creativity, of course. *Tomorrow Mercury will retrograde in Taurus til June 11th making Het Heru’s lessons of love even stronger. I’ll be posting in my Raw Goddess 13 Signs Astrology Group on Facebook to help you get thru the retrograde. So feel free to send me a request to join in on our growing community.

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Giving Birth To 13 Sign Astrology

Mother’s Day is everyday and especially today we celebrate the Mothers. This article is about the Mothership of Astrology and the importance of being on 13 sign time. About 13 years ago at the beginning of 2001, my research lead me to the fact that there really are 13 Signs all the planets pass through. Not just 12. A few years before that I had already given up on following western dates in astrology. Western tropical zodiac goes by the seasons and not the actual stars. I’ve been studying astrology for over half of my life and I’m 33. 3 years in, at 17, I found sidereal eastern aka Vedic astrology and realized it was more accurate because it’s very definition means star based. Sidereal eastern astrology proved to be way more than western. My birthday is November 30th and I was now a Scorpio not a Sag. Being into mysticism at such a young age, it made sense of my psychic and divination abilities. So I was a liberated woman. No western star system controlling my main spiritual practices, I felt great! Everything was starting to make a lot more sense and things were getting deeper. And then they got deeper. I found the 13th Sign. And deeper. My birthday is actually the 1st day of the 13th Sign. Even deeper. This signs symbol is the 2 snakes with wings, the Caduceus and is the antidote to the western patriarchal mind state. Wow! All that is spelled out in astrology? Yes! I’ve been on this journey for a long time and I can honestly say this non westernernized time, nonlinear form of astrology/ astronomy/ spirituality has been my greatest gift in Life.

I’m not a mother yet but I have helped many people uncover their true astrological natal placements. The Universe gives birth to itself every second. Astrology is supposed to be a time/ space focused science. If you are in the wrong system, with the wrong origins, and the wrong thought process, you’re wasting your time because you do not have the factual energetics working for you. With western tropical seasonal astrology time you have generalizations. You do not have clarity. You have confusion. One reason why my sign was taken out is because the 13th Sign Serpentarius Ophiuchus is the gatekeeper in the center of our galaxy. The Milky Way. I’ll give more details into the diversity of these phenomena, but for now let’s just focus on the fact that it is positioned in the birth canal of the zodiac wheel right next to Scorpio. The sign of sex and death. Serpentarius Ophiuchus transforms Scorpio’s wisdom into exalted healing abilities and various forms of mystical talents. The western world is just starting to embrace these subjects after instigating a long hard battle to suppress it. Everything that has been locked away by the western mind is being released right now! People are waking up rapidly and we demand answers! I started writing my blog just over a year ago and I have been getting amazing responses to this ancient knowledge and information. Again, I am not a mother, yet anyway. But I will say this is the main way I am keeping in line with the natural Goddess flow of Life. The one that isn’t always emphasized. The natural order. The natural flow to the stars, without systematic control. I’ve essentially merged Astrology and Astronomy back together. The planets in our solar system all pass through 13 signs all day every day, even our moon. This has been happening for thousands of years! It’s nothing new. If you download a Google sky map app, you can see for yourself. Western astrology is very inaccurate. I do 13 sign birth charts and readings, relationship synastry, transits, and soon I’ll have a 13 Sign Calendar and teach classes.

Feel free to follow my blog and join my Raw Goddess 13 Signs Astrology group on Facebook for more updates. Having a 13 sign birth chart done goes beyond your expectations. Most people born in the 70’s and 80’s have Virgo and or the 13th sign outer planets. This means the generations inheriting the earth right now are here to clean it UP! Yay! So diet and exercise are super important to us. Also, all the Blood Moon Eclipses, solar and lunar have been in Virgo and Pisces, Not Aries and Libra. Pisces and Virgo are some of the most poignant Goddesses on the Wheel of Life. The Matrix Mother (Virgo) and Mamiwata (Pisces). These goddesses are essentially rising up out of the ocean to help us rebirth ourselves right now. They both are strong fertility goddesses upholding the Matriarchy in the sky. This is no coincidence and is a sure sign from the Goddess. I hope you All have a great time connecting with your Mothers today. The memories/mammories that envelop us All can be found in 13 sign Astrology. Thankyou! *0:-)

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Full Moon in Libra…the Scorpions Claws of Life and Death

Happy Full Moon!

First let me take the time to say thank you for reading! Feel free to join my Raw Goddess 13 Sign Astrology group on Facebook. I want you all to get familiar with the actual movements in the sky. Not just what western astrology has ordained for us to think. We are all in this together and I’ll do my best to help.

Now, did you know that the Libra’s scales were originally the claws of the Scorpion!?!?  Yep, and that’s where the full moon is located this month. Last month I explained how Virgo is the sign of mental health and balance. Maat begins in the mind, body and spirit of the Virgo Matrix mother. This full moon in Libra will highlight her scales of justice. The balance between life and death. What we hold onto and also what we choose to let go. The Scorpion’s Claws. The Romans renamed the hands of the scorpion the scales of Libra but originally Virgo and Scorpio were connected! There was no Libra! You can easily look this up! In the sky, the stars on Libra’s scales are still named the Northern and Southern claws! And if we look deeply into the animal symbolism depicted, the Scorpion uses its claws for making love as well as for slaying its prey. Whoa! Make love not war right!? The inner battle/balance within Libra’s scales (claws) of truth and justice are also ever present in every facet of our relationships, even our desires. The Libra/Scorpio zone in the sky takes this very seriously. Sometimes our claws just won’t let go. Until death do us part? Sometimes this area of our psyche doesn’t even know the difference. It really is a thin line between Love and Hate.

Weighing of the Heart Ceremony from The Book of The Dead

Weighing of the Heart Ceremony from The Book of The Dead

Therefore, we can easily see how and why the constellations of Virgo and Scorpio will always be intertwined. Libra is just another aspect of the original life-death-life goddesses, and there are many. Virgo’s earth buries the dead, she also gives Life. If you were born Sept 16th-October 31st you are a Virgo working with the goddess Maat to heal and organize the people. The Sun then enters the Libra (claws) of Scorpio November 1st-November 22nd and is where this full moon will be located tonight. Egyptian goddess Nekhbet, the vulture, is said to represent this area of the Sky. She is forever bound to her twin sister Wadjet, the snake goddess, and together they uphold the laws of Maat, each presiding over Northern and Southern Egypt. Nekhbet is known for her protective and loving side. Vultures are always seen in pairs. She is also the fierce protector of mothers and childbirth and is the official goddess watching over the pharaoh from birth to death. The qualities of a vulture in ancient Egypt are associated with Godliness because of her immense size, power and ability to sore high up into the sky.

The ancient Egyptians strongly emphasized that life here on earth is a form of death to your real life in the heavens and that this life is to be utilized as preparation for the Eternal One on the otherside. With this comes a great deal of never ending choices. That which to hold on to. That which to let go of.  There is always a price to pay for what we choose, a sacrifice of some sort. Working with the principles of Maat, we know that the ultimate truth is universal Oneness and nothing will ever be above that fact. Ever. Period. Thank Goddess. Knowing these principles is still paramount especially as we navigate thru this zone of the sky for our Full Moon (Open Eye) awakening. We have all come to a crossroads in our lives and will ascend to a higher level of development for this full moon. Health, healing and cleansing are still key. I wanna say even more so as we get deeper into the underworld with the resurrection goddesses for this full moon and the next! Use prayer and intuition to formulate your own personal brand of rituals that are needed at this time. The deities/energies associated with these full moons are all working on balancing our inner world.  I invite you all to work on this exercise with me:

Write a list of all your strengths/positive attributes. Now write a list of all your weaknesses or what you consider to be negative traits that are holding you back from making better decisions. And finally I want you to work on eliminating your weaknesses by emphasizing your strengths! Very simple yet very important for this zone of the sky. Don’t hesitate to call on the power of our ancient guides working deeply within this energy.  There are a number of creation/afterlife gods and goddesses. Some of my favorite are Maat, Isis (Auset), Osiris (Ausar), Anubis, Serket, Wadjet, Persephone, Chiron, Medusa and Nekhbet. Studying their roles in antiquity should give us a good sense of what is at work in our daily lives for the next 2 weeks. The scales of Libra, the claws of the Scorpion represent that which we hold onto and that which we must let go of in order to rebirth ourselves.

*Also the shadow of Mercury retrograde starts tomorrow! This process of going deeper for Libra moon, working out our inner communication first and also in our relationships will be highlighted.

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