New Moon in Cancer. . . Khepera The Scarab Beetle

Happy New Moon! Hi everyone! If you’ve been following my 13 sign astrology info, then you know that I know the new moon is in Cancer, not Leo. I’m sorry but western astrology can be so misleading. This is a … Continue reading

Dragon’s Blood . . .The Mystical Protector

Native to the Amazon rainforest, Dragon’s Blood remains an essential ancient remedy to the indigenous people of South America. Many of you may know the protective spiritual forces associated with burning Dragon’s Blood resin in incense form. But did you know Dragons Blood can be taken internally, as it is one of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet!? Dragon’s Blood is a red tree sap. The flowers of the tree look like a dragons head, hence the name Dragon’s Blood!  Dragon’s Blood is great for blood circulation, as most red herbs and vegetables found in the wild are. Nature is just amazing isn’t it!? Dragon’s Blood proves that somethings are so powerful, so mystical, and so miraculous; it can be hard to believe in its existence, much like dragons. In Peru the red tree sap is used topically as an actual liquid bandage.  Dragon’s Blood is excellent for all forms of wounds and skin issues. It promotes superb rapid healing! Internally dragon’s blood is also used as a path to fast recovery. It cleanses the blood, improves circulation, and protects the heart from degenerative diseases. It can ward off cancer, high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes!  Dragon’s Blood also is anti-aging and should be used internally and topically for best results. Today there are many beauty products on the market containing dragon’s blood! Yes! It is the hottest new edition on the block. Just make sure to try the organic cruelty free products. I actually started researching dragon’s blood again when I saw it in a soap! I’m so glad I did, and can now share this amazing info with you.
dragons blood pic
Dragon’s Blood is also good for getting rid of parasites and intestinal worms in humans and animals! Pets know to drink it if you give it to them. Put a few drops in water and it can be a lifesaver. Dragon’s Blood can keep your pet living a quality life by fighting infections. It helps other supplements work faster and can be used as a pain killer. Dragon’s blood will stop internal bleeding! Any dental issues can be greatly improved with dragon’s blood as a mouth wash and internal supplement. It can be very hard to find Dragon’s Blood! You would think with all this amazing healing power, all the major health food stores would have it. But I have called around and they usually don’t! I’m proud to say you can find Dragon’s Blood extract and Dragon’s Blood incense at:

Dragon’s Blood Extract

Dragon’s Blood Incense

*Djehuty Maat Ra has  a very nice article on the Power of Dragon’s Blood*

Let me know how Dragon’s Blood has improved your life! 🙂

The Power of Maca . . .Peruvian Gold

Maca is a root vegetable native to the ancient Maya Inca lands of South America. It is known as the `Peruvian Ginseng’ for its sexual and energy boosting benefits! Maca has been cultivated in the Andes Mountains of Peru for at least 3000 years!  Maca is a superfood great for balancing the adrenal, hormonal and thyroid functioning. Maca is a nutrient rich dense food and should be taken in gradual increases, this help the body adjust to its power. Start with 1/2 a teaspoon for about a week first. 1 tablespoon is usually a normal dose. You can also alternate one day on maca and one day off. Maca root powder can be easily ingested by adding to smoothies and salad dressings. It has a nutty flavor; I like to make raw superfood desserts with it. Maca is rich in B vitamins, calcium, iron and zinc! It is great for raising the sexual libido in both men and women! And can help in relieving PMS symptoms, hot flashes, anxiety and depression associated with hormonal imbalances. It also increases fertility.
maca root pic
Maca is perfect for athletes too and should be a great addition to any workout performance. This root is great for any form of fatigue and is a natural mood enhancer.  Maca also works to enhance the memory and mental focus. Use maca if you are prone to becoming anemic or suffering from osteoporosis. It won’t let you down. Yellow maca powder is the most common variety sold in health food stores today. It also comes in red and black form, black being the most rare and potent. Maca is a staple food similar to a radish or potato in Peru. It is enjoyed by children, men, women of all ages and even lactating mothers, proving its usefulness, diversity and safety across the board. I take maca pretty much every day in my tea and smoothies and I love it! You can find all three varieties of Maca root powder at:

*Yellow Maca Root Powder

*Red Maca Root Powder

*Black Maca Root Powder

Chlorella . . . Emerald Greens Cell Food

If you’ve ever wondered why chlorella is a superfood at the top of the list, here’s a few reasons why many call it the ultimate survivalist food. Chlorella is a fresh water algae, a lot like a seaweed but from … Continue reading

The Power of Black Seed . . . “Remedy for Everything but Death”

Hi everyone! This is another one of my spiritual health articles. I just put out my Raw Goddess Tips for Summer Detox Cleansing – Part I and this remedy will definitely be in Part II. Black Seed is simply amazing! The benefits and healing properties are endless. Some of our most challenging health issues can be lessened using this tiny little seed. It can be bought in many forms but usually as oil. Black seed has been used as a potent healing agent for thousands of years! The black seeds and oil were found in the tomb of King Tut, alongside honey, dating back 3,300 years ago. This just blows my mind and shows us the value of black seed, to the kings, for here and the afterlife. Black seed is often taken with honey especially in Muslim cultures. The prophet Mohammed said black seed is the remedy for everything but death. Some of the most degenerative diseases can be reversed with it. Take your pick, diabetes, cancer, emphysema, asthma, migraines and even parasites, can all be eased with the help of black seed! It can be used for snake bites, insect bites, head injuries and skin rashes, so topically black seed is a life saver as well. I love black seed soap. Taken internally, black seed opens up the passages to the lungs, stomach, bowels and cleanses the blood. This is said to be where parasites tend to accumulate and cause disease in the first place. Go figure.  Black seed boosts the immune system and also helps to relieve pain like headaches, chronic arthritis and menstrual cramps.  Black seed is also helpful in healing from chemotherapy, shrinking tumors and recovering from surgery. It can be your best friend if you or someone you love is battling any form of cancer. Please pass this information on if anyone you know is in need of a serious healing!

Black-seed-honey pic

You can find some links below to a few different forms of black seed at

*My favorite way to take black seed is in oil form and with honey. I would recommend starting slowly and you will quickly see the benefits!

Black Seed Oil (2oz an 8oz are also available)

Black Seed Extract

Black Seed and Manuka Honey (My favorite as well as just the oil)*

Thanks for reading and let me know how Black Seed has helped you! 🙂


Full Moon in Sagittarius . . .Tehuti’s Wisdom

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Raw Goddess Tips For Summer Detox Cleansing

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