13 Signs: New Moon in Pisces. . . . .Mamiwata Returns

Happy New Moon!

This is the first New Moon since our beloved Spring Equinox celebrations! That Mercury Retrograde had us in a very introspective mood as the constellation of Pisces is still lingering. This is the new moon of spiritual renewal and rebirth. We are truly in the secret cusp between constellation Pisces and Aries sidereally speaking. If you’ve been following my work, you should know that the Sky tells a much more different story than man-made western astrology does. This retrograde was mainly about keeping an unseen faith, psychic abilities, goddess worship and the mysteries of the universe as a whole. Pisces is one of the largest constellations and her mystical message is being echoed throughout our collective consciousness right now! We will still be in the Pisces shadow of Mercury Retrograde for another few weeks so stay on your toes and be aware of any after effects. I’ve seen the shadow bring a whole other side of the retrograde just when you thought it was over. During a Pisces New Moon cycle fasting, detoxing, and just plain old drinking more water should be explored as a very effective practice to master. Praying with our ancestors, doing libations and spiritual baths are also important to the Pisces realm of things. Strengthen your connection to a higher power and your crown chakra with yoga and meditation, especially thru the shadow zone of this Mercury Retrograde.
Talk to your relatives that are protecting you from the other side and ask them for guidance if you are not sure what to do about something. Anything. The Pisces moon cycle is also a great time to do a deep meditation and explore our different past lives. I do readings, consultations, and classes on Past Life Astrology emotional clearing! Feel free to join my Raw Goddess 13 signs Astrology group on Facebook. I post exclusive info about the secrets of Astrology which includes the Snake (Ophiuchus) and it’s Wisdom.
Purple Moon 2018

Pisces is the spiritual abyss to the underworld. The primordial waters. The cycle of life, death, and rebirth continues for all beings and creatures of the universe. The Mother of all Mothers. The void. To access the powers of this New Moon and the next 2 weeks, you must have Faith. Things may be a lil chaotic. Pisces is a mutable water sign. The most changeable of all the signs. Pisces means two fish and two modes of movement. The Feet. One negative and one positive, creating the natural flow of life. Pisces people are extremely sensitive, so this is a great time to stay extra aware using your intuition.

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