New Moon in Gemini . . . Mercury, Messenger to the Underworld

Happy New Moon!

Don’t let the mercury retrograde fool you. This is a Gemini new moon! Surprise! Not really all that emotional. It’s more like intellectual and restless. This area of the sky is completely one sign off in western astrology. That means all you Gemini’s are really sun in Taurus and all Cancers are really sun in Gemini’s. This is just one example of how the 13 sign zodiac is a different and more accurate astrology.
Gemini, the twins are actually symbols of both sides of the mind, represented by Mercury, the messenger. Mercury has wings and can fly between the conscious world and the unconscious realm. The outer world and the inner truth. He is the guide for the souls to the underworld. Mercury is mutable, changeable like the weather. Mercury gives you wings. Mercury is also holding the caduceus, the snake with wings. The medical symbol of healing and transformation. The reptilian brain. We use our minds to heal and regenerate our bodies through meditation and prayer. Our mind state determines our health. Gemini reminds us to stay flexible and open, to diversify our skills and communication abilities. And right now, it’s a lot easier to hear from the little voice inside. It’s also easier to contact our friends and family on the other side.  Ask for help from your angels. This is a time to have intense dialog with yourself and your spirit guides. They will answer back. Strengthen your relationship with your own inner voice, faith and ancestors. Make the connection with those that are gone but not forgotten. Mercury will assist you. With mercury currently in retrograde, journeys into the underworld are even more highlighted. Pour libations and speak the names of your loved ones. They are still traveling with us on this journey, bringing us messages. Ask them if you need help now. Make the connection. Write your dreams down. They may send it to you via meditation, prayer or dreams.

Gemini is the electric nervous system. Your mind should be wide open and totally stimulated these next few days. This Mercury retrograde started in Gemini, helping us regain and sharpen our perspectives. The New Moon is helping us unlock this potential. Your mind should be turning faster now. You should be getting great ideas and opportunities. This is a very fortunate area of the sky! You should be learning, and actually relearning, since its retrograde time. It’s a great time to be social and at least reach out to people, especially old contacts and long lost friends. A lot of inner dialog today and light hearted restless energy. Deep breathing exercises are perfect for the occasion. Along with Mercury, working with the energies of Eshu Elegba, Anubis, and Medusa will prove beneficial at this time.This new moon doorway will be open for 2 weeks, till the full moon. Thanks to all the people reading and sharing my articles. There’s a lot more to come. *Happy New Moon!

*If you would like to know more about this alignment and where it’s happening in your personal 13 sign birth chart (review our services and fill out contact form below).

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