13 Signs: New Moon in Cancer…… Khepera, the Scarab Beetle

*Happy New Moon!

Hi everyone! If you’ve been following my 13 sign astrology info, then you know this New Moon is in the constellation of Cancer, not Leo. Check your google sky map apps! Verify the accuracy of sidereal and 13 sign astrology for yourselves. This is a very important distinction right here, to be on actual star placements. The difference between Cancer and Leo is massive! Like Night & Day. Cancer, the sign of Moon incubation and Leo is the Sun, manifestation. Before you can manifest anything, it has to be felt in the unseen world first. Cancers symbol in ancient Egyptian astrology is the scarab beetle. The scarab is a very mystical symbol filled with messages of the eternal and internal world. It digs and buries itself just to be reborn again, much like our beloved Moon. This process of gestation and growth belongs to Cancer. This mysterious and changeable sign represents mother ocean and all its varied existence. Everything is born from the ocean. Cancer is a cardinal sign and highlights feelings in motion. Emotion. The ebb and flow of life. Cancer is all about the family. The deep connections. Ancestral, karmic, and cosmic, they are all Cancers domain. Everything goes back to the ocean, the womb of all Life. New Moon in Cancer is here to remind us to nurture our roots. Water our seeds (ideas) and make our deepest aspirations grow. This is THE new moon of all new moons because Cancer is naturally moon energy! Intuition and sensitivities are heightened. Internalization, processing and deep acknowledgement are all very necessary at this time. We’re having such a strong feminine new moon cycle, this will lead the way into a Mercury Retrograde shadow phase of creative introspection! Like Leo, Cancer is totally creative! Those intricate emotions need an outlet or we could become prone to worry during this transit! It’s a time for poetry, praying, singing, dancing and emotional expansiveness. All of this spells out fulfilling family bonds and making deeper connections from within.

Scarab Moon

For this New Moon delve into some astral travel studies and sacred knowledge. The Akashic records are also emphasized for the New Moon in Cancer. There is a deeply internalized metamorphosis happening right now! Cancer represents the cosmic mother, so make sure to nurture yourself, your family and closest friends. Remember your past paths and expand on them for the future. I’m feeling an extreme level of de ja vu for this New Moon in Cancer phase. Like I knew this day would come. This energy will last for 2 weeks till the next Full moon. The Shadow of Mercury Retrograde will be here on July 24th! The actual Mercury Retrograde starts on August 12th. So get ready for many changes to intensify this month and the next! I am available for 1 on 1 astrology lessons, readings or classes, and will be glad to help! For the Cancer New Moon, make sure you drink your WATER! Really. This new moon cycle is also here to remind us that Life will flow smoothly if we stay hydrated. Yep, and it’s time to do that fast if you’ve been putting it off. I get through Summer months by doing a few different cleanses, so it’s not so strong of a purge in the Fall. Aloe Vera and melons, especially cucumber, are fruits governed by the Moon. Eat em up! They can be your best friend during sensitive and emotional times like these. I swear by herbal teas too. Peppermint, hibiscus, ginger, lemon, chamomile, etc. Drink it up! Coconut water mixed with fresh juices has been my latest cleansing obsession. Most of the time when we’re feeling down we are actually dehydrated.  And to all the highly emotional people out there, bath rituals are essential. Use sea salt, essential oils, stones, apple cider vinegar, candles, prayers, milks, and honey to soothe your soul. Mother takes care of All. Never forget that you are loved and free to embrace the essence of the Goddess that surrounds you. Float on!

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13 Signs: Super New Moon in Taurus, the Goddess of Love

Happy Super New Moon!

A new moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon are conjunct or aligned in the same zodiac sign. In real 13 sign astrology that means it’s happening in the constellation of Taurus, the cow horn priestess, Het Heru. The Sun will actually stay in Taurus until June 19th! New Moons are a time of deep introspection and setting intentions for the month’s new beginnings. Het Heru is the Goddess of love and she therefore represents creative manifestation. She teaches us to enjoy life and actualize our dreams. What we see in our mind is what we feel in our hearts and this new moon is all about it! She is The Law of Attraction. Before anything can manifest, it has to exist in our spirit first! We create our life with our imagination. Het Heru reminds us to channel our sexual energy into higher spiritual realms. She is THE sky Goddess giving birth to our reality here on Earth. The sacred cow. We create what we desire and focus on with a passion! Anything goes, so focus wisely.

Het heru Gold
This is a very sensual new moon highlighting art, music, dance and fertility. Het Heru is also represented as Oshun, Aphrodite, Venus and Hathor. Her worship is very old and even predates the official dynasties of ancient Egypt. She is everything that is true and good. The mother of light in the sky. Manifestation.
To maximize the potential in this new moon, beautify yourself and All around you. Work with The Power of Intention. The Power of Creation. If you’ve been looking for a creative breakthrough, now is this time! Activate the kundalini (sexual) energy.  Work with the subconscious mind to visualize the life you want. This is how life is created. Channel your imagination to inspire something beautiful with love and art. Make a new vision board. Focus only on what you want to happen in your Life. Het Heru is the mother of every God and every Goddess. So you have to go through her to manifest anything here on Earth, with love and creativity, of course.

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New Moon in Serpentarius Ophiuchus….. The 13th Sign

Happy New Moon!

I’m sure by now most of us have heard about the 13th sign in astrology. But many are still asking, is it real and what is it called? Where did it come from and why does it have to change everything? In my line of astrology work we shed light on what this sign is all about. I especially, since my birthday, November 30th is the official 1st day of the 13th sign! Whoohooo! November 30- December 17th we should be proud! 13th Sign people are super cool and gifted.

I found the 13th sign, Serpentarius aka Ophiuchus, about 13+ years ago! Yes! In 2001, I was 19 years old and already heavily into astrology. By then, I had read just about every book in the library on western tropical zodiac and was onto sidereal, Vedic, Egyptian and Indian astrology studies. Once the words Serpentarius Ophiuchus entered my vocabulary, I never stopped looking for more info on the subject. Sidereal astrology is based on the actual positions of the stars and that’s how I found it. I can honestly say knowing the true position of my planets has given me a unique ability to give more in-depth readings and directly channel planetary energy.

So what’s up with this Ophiuchus sign?

Serpentarius Ophiuchus is located in the center of our Galaxy keeping everything together. This constellation holds the keys to many mysteries. I find it interesting and no coincidence that the ancients named this part of the heavens Serpens and Snake Nebula. All of the Secret Societies and conspiracy theories do come to mind, and they should! Serpentarius Ophiuchus represents all hidden knowledge especially Alchemy. In mythology Ophiuchus embodies the legacy of Asclepius and Imhotep, master healers and magicians. In antiquity the symbol of the snake represents wisdom and sacred knowledge of Ascension and life after death. All around the world snakes were depicted as extra-terrestrial with the power to transform.

Could the 13th sign be a gateway to other dimensions?

There really is so much I could go into about this subject and I would encourage you to have your 13 sign birth chart done by me to see how this energy is being projected. In astrology each sign governs an area of the body and a mode of operation. The 13th sign is positioned between Scorpio and Sagittarius. What does it represent? The kundalini of course. The Birth Canal. Snakes in a black hole. Transformation. The 3rd Eye and beyond. The Astral Body and all its powers. I can tell you from personal experience and also historically we all have these abilities. Some people are just more aware of it and utilize them more than others. Being born with 4+ planets and asteroids in the Scorpio Serpentarius zone, there was no way I would miss this information.


Cosmic Consciousness of Snakes and Magicians

Serpentarius Ophiuchus is still a mystery and may always be confusing to the western world’s way of thinking. I’ve decided to compile keywords, gods, goddesses and symbols to stimulate the awareness for this New Moon in the 13th sign.

13th sign eye 3

Keywords: Healing, Astral travel, dream interpretation, divination, past lives, umbilical cord, portal, doorway, ancestral work, channeling, medium, reiki, out of body, kundalini, tantra, hypnosis, magic, alchemy, shaman, psychedelics, transformation, meditation, rebirth

Gods and Goddesses: Serket, Medusa, Imhotep, Asclepius, Wadjet, Nekhbet, Kali, Quetzalcoatl, Sekhmet

Symbols: Caduceus, Uraeus, Staff, Wand, Web, Dream Catchers, Lightning, Poison/Antidote, 3rd Eye, Kundalini, Chakras, Aura, Illuminati, Secret Orders and Societies, Intuition, Reptilian Brain, Aliens, Time travel, spiral, whirlpool

This New Moon Serpentarius energy will be in effect for 2 weeks until the Full Moon. It’s a great time to get into your healing gifts and do a cleanse. This type of energy tends to pull on everything around it as it funnels and recycles information. Find more time to pray, chant, visualize and meditate as the Heavens are extra activated and open right now. All you have to do is bring it down. 
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Blue Moon 13 Sign On Goddess Time

Happy Full Moon!

This month we have a Blue Moon!

Yay!!! LOL! What’s up with a Blue Moon?

The original 13 Moon Goddess’ lunar cycles are suppressed! There are always 13 months a year! Blue Moons are only more special to our false sense of time, when we are in our western mind. Call it society’s disharmony with nature. Our Gregorian calendar goes by artificial months and ignores the natural monthly lunar cycles, which is the very definition of a month. A moonth. It’s been exactly 28 days since the last full moon on the 2nd. And yes, while there are many calendars around the world, there are always 13 New Moons and Full Moons in a yearly rotation around the Sun. 13 X 28 is a perfect number = 364 days in a year plus 1 every 4 years. This reflects natural time the Moon Goddess actually keeps for her children here on Earth! Also contrary to western astrology beliefs, this full moon is actually taking place in the constellation of Capricorn. Sidereal is a more natural and ancient form of astrology that predates western calculations. I use it to be more inline with the stars. That means this full moon cycle will highlight Earth Magic. Money, power, business, status and success will be the focus for the next 2 weeks. Go ahead and get busy with your list of things to do. Work, debt, salary and time all deserve major consideration right now. We can definitely get ahead using better time management. Saturn, Capricorns domain, is Father Time and represents the laws of the material world. Without proper structure this moon cycle can become a depressing frustration! If you want to be a grand achiever and manifest your goals, you have to do the necessary work. Ask yourself what is your ultimate destination. What mountain can you summit that will bring total fulfilment?

The Little Mermaid by Mandy Manzano

The Little Mermaid by Mandie Manzano

*Capricorns symbolism as a Goat and a Fish helps us realize that it takes deep sea introspection and subconscious diving, in order to pull ourselves up to the top. During a Capricorn full moon we can fully embody the Mother and Father with the Sun still in Cancer as its perfect polar opposition. For the Capricorn full moon, nothing great is gained or maintained without a lot of sacrifice. Capricorn knows all about it. So don’t be surprised if you have to make some hard choices and some game changing moves in the next coming week or so. This full moon will support you; just use good judgment and patience. Don’t be afraid to achieve and obtain your Power. Do the intense work and planning in order to raise your social status. Learn how to truly ground yourself, create new systems and routines. Again, time manage your work, don’t let the load get you depressed, do a cleanse and keep it movin! Cleansing is always very important but Capricorn Moon cycles will add an extra heaviness to the air. If you are feeling stuck, confined, restrained or depressed in any way YOU NEED A CLEANSE! Be creative with it. I’m doing a watermelon fast and also loads of pineapple for variety. Capricorn can be a hard energy to maneuver, especially for sensitive and etheric fairy people who wish they didn’t have to deal with harsh material realities. Use this full moon to build your life. Do not let the hard times get the best of you! On the positive side, this is a great moon for fertility rituals, herbology, earth magic, deep meditation, sexual techniques and money spells. Deities and Symbols associated with Capricorn are Ptah, Pan, Enki, Khnum, Ea, Dolphins, Coins , Mermaids and Music. This Capricorn full moon, go deep into the underworld, the subconscious, and work on any generational curses/stagnation. If you feel some may exist in your families and or in yourself. Also this is the time to preserve the good we have been given from our Ancestors. Help out the elders around you, they have much wisdom to share and need us to carry on the mission.

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Full Moon in Serpentarius Ophiuchus….. The 13th Sign

Happy Full Moon! I’m sure by now most of us have heard about the 13th sign in astrology. But many are still asking, is it real and what is it called? Where did it come from and why does it … Continue reading

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus….. Returning to Love

Happy Mercury Retrograde Season!

It’s that time again and everybody’s talking about it! I have to admit its pretty cool seeing so many people aware of cosmic changes and events! Now let’s spread more knowledge about the 13th Sign and natural sidereal star based time as opposed to western. Speaking of opposition, the full moon happens when the Sun and Moon are 180 degrees apart. Oppositions create balance and are harmonious magical wands when we see both sides of the spectrum. This next full moon on June 2nd will be in Ophiuchus Serpentarius the 13th Sign! Get out you google sky map apps and check it out for yourself! I don’t just make this stuff up. I just happen to be born the 1st day of the 13th sign. November 30th. This mercury retrograde in Taurus will involve money. Taurus is one of the most fortunate signs and so this is a good time for wealth building! Do what inspires you and for the sake of humanity. You just may find hidden gold. This is a retrograde great for advancing artistic skills of all kinds. Take care of old bills and debts. Use art and color as a healing force.

“Make Love not War” The Goddess presiding over Taurus is Het Heru aka Hathor. Oshun is another great goddess to channel for this transit. Taurus is a sign that can be hard or soft and sweet. It’s the hard lessons that often soften us. Taurus brings this lesson. Working with the earth in your community garden is favorable for healing and building a strong foundation. You can’t eat money. But you can save and heal the world by coming together, keeping it a beautiful place. Love is the lesson AND the answer here on Earth. Focus on the love and you will be more than alright! All Mercury Retrogrades this year will be in EARTH Signs not Air like western tropical astrology says. Nope. These retrogrades are for building VALUES. They are helping us get a deeper sense of being here on Earth and our relation to it, as we shift to a greater Collective Consciousness. The Universe is perfect already. No need to move the constellations into seasonal astrology. I do sidereal astrology and I account for the mystical 13th sign, correcting all western inconsistencies. Trying to be in both paradigms will confuse anyone so I suggest switching to eastern ASAP. I’m starting up my private classes and would love to hear from all of my 13 sign supporters! I would also love to hear from people who are still holding onto western astrology and may need that little extra push I can provide. Taurus is the sign of perseverance. Manifest what you want! Taurus will bring it! We are no longer a slave race. Humans have the ability to be free but are still reliving lifetimes of captivity. The Earth is shaking that old world crap off and so are her children. Your own personal journey will be unique to you and is rapidly changing as you state your intent. Use one of the most powerful alignments of the year to shift your reality as you see fit. Good Luck Star Family!

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Giving Birth To 13 Sign Astrology

Mother’s Day is everyday and especially today we celebrate the Mothers. This article is about the Mothership of Astrology and the importance of being on 13 sign time. About 13 years ago at the beginning of 2001, my research lead me to the fact that there really are 13 Signs all the planets pass through. Not just 12. A few years before that I had already given up on following western dates in astrology. Western tropical zodiac goes by the seasons and not the actual stars. I’ve been studying astrology for over half of my life and I’m 33. 3 years in, at 17, I found sidereal eastern aka Vedic astrology and realized it was more accurate because it’s very definition means star based. Sidereal eastern astrology proved to be way more than western. My birthday is November 30th and I was now a Scorpio not a Sag. Being into mysticism at such a young age, it made sense of my psychic and divination abilities. So I was a liberated woman. No western star system controlling my main spiritual practices, I felt great! Everything was starting to make a lot more sense and things were getting deeper. And then they got deeper. I found the 13th Sign. And deeper. My birthday is actually the 1st day of the 13th Sign. Even deeper. This signs symbol is the 2 snakes with wings, the Caduceus and is the antidote to the western patriarchal mind state. Wow! All that is spelled out in astrology? Yes! I’ve been on this journey for a long time and I can honestly say this non westernernized time, nonlinear form of astrology/ astronomy/ spirituality has been my greatest gift in Life.

I’m not a mother yet but I have helped many people uncover their true astrological natal placements. The Universe gives birth to itself every second. Astrology is supposed to be a time/ space focused science. If you are in the wrong system, with the wrong origins, and the wrong thought process, you’re wasting your time because you do not have the factual energetics working for you. With western tropical seasonal astrology time you have generalizations. You do not have clarity. You have confusion. One reason why my sign was taken out is because the 13th Sign Serpentarius Ophiuchus is the gatekeeper in the center of our galaxy. The Milky Way. I’ll give more details into the diversity of these phenomena, but for now let’s just focus on the fact that it is positioned in the birth canal of the zodiac wheel right next to Scorpio. The sign of sex and death. Serpentarius Ophiuchus transforms Scorpio’s wisdom into exalted healing abilities and various forms of mystical talents. The western world is just starting to embrace these subjects after instigating a long hard battle to suppress it. Everything that has been locked away by the western mind is being released right now! People are waking up rapidly and we demand answers! I started writing my blog just over a year ago and I have been getting amazing responses to this ancient knowledge and information. Again, I am not a mother, yet anyway. But I will say this is the main way I am keeping in line with the natural Goddess flow of Life. The one that isn’t always emphasized. The natural order. The natural flow to the stars, without systematic control. I’ve essentially merged Astrology and Astronomy back together. The planets in our solar system all pass through 13 signs all day every day, even our moon. This has been happening for thousands of years! It’s nothing new. If you download a Google sky map app, you can see for yourself. Western astrology is very inaccurate. I do 13 sign birth charts and readings, relationship synastry, transits, and soon I’ll have a 13 Sign Calendar and teach classes.

Feel free to follow my blog rawgoddessinc.wordpress.com and join my Raw Goddess 13 Signs Astrology group on Facebook for more updates. Having a 13 sign birth chart done goes beyond your expectations. Most people born in the 70’s and 80’s have Virgo and or the 13th sign outer planets. This means the generations inheriting the earth right now are here to clean it UP! Yay! So diet and exercise are super important to us. Also, all the Blood Moon Eclipses, solar and lunar have been in Virgo and Pisces, Not Aries and Libra. Pisces and Virgo are some of the most poignant Goddesses on the Wheel of Life. The Matrix Mother (Virgo) and Mamiwata (Pisces). These goddesses are essentially rising up out of the ocean to help us rebirth ourselves right now. They both are strong fertility goddesses upholding the Matriarchy in the sky. This is no coincidence and is a sure sign from the Goddess. I hope you All have a great time connecting with your Mothers today. The memories/mammories that envelop us All can be found in 13 sign Astrology. Thankyou! *0:-)

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The Return of The Goddess: Full Moon Eclipse in Virgo… Maat, Matrix Mother

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New Moon in Aquarius…… The Electric Water Bearer

Happy New Moon!

And it’s also a Supermoon too!! Supermoons are new and full moon alignments that happen extremely close to the earth. Because of this, their energetic effects will be the strongest of the year! You won’t be able to see this super new moon. New Moons are also known as Black Moons. Every new moon, the Sun and Moon are in the same space, conjunct. Therefore, no light is reflected until they start to move away from each other, and the crescent begins to grow. The Sun and Moon are just moving into the 4th degree of Aquarius today. Check your sky maps. I know all the mainstream astrology articles are saying Aquarius/Pisces, but western mainstream astrology is not factual. It is not star based and does not reflect real star placements. 13 sign astrology has been my specialty for years and I am forever changed by knowing these distinctions.

We are now officially in the magical time between winter and spring. Tomorrow the Chinese New Year celebrations begin and a month from now, spring will be on our doorstep. Many cultures celebrate this transitional time as the zone of the New Year and prepare to reawaken with nature. This is the new moon before everything comes alive. Aquarius, the electric water bearer, pours into humanity, the revelations that are needed at this time. We have to tune into our higher calling with Aquarius. Fresh off the heels of the Capricorn Mercury retrograde, the shadow is still lingering, showing us how to make more money with that higher calling. Or at least how to be more useful and practical with it. This new moon, take what you have learned during the Capricorn Mercury retrograde in relation to self-worth and improving groundedness. Look for a new way to merge it with your higher calling. The Aquarius new moon will strengthen humanity, upheavals, innovations, technological advancements and inventiveness. Always use new moons for planting seeds and ideas that are dear to your heart. The collective shift in consciousness will continue. Studying astrology, moon cycles, crystals, herbs, and psychic/angelic (higher calling) communication will become more mainstream. People are tired of lower vibration subjects and activities. Aquarius is the highest level of the mental plane (Uranus). Where observation of the lower mind happens. For this reason, among others, Aquarius is the sign of the Alien Scientists. The Ancestors, their higher forms of technology and existence. Simultaneously Aquarius is the very old, Ancient and the new. Think back to the stories of Atlantis and Lemuria, Mu and Minoa.
Aquarius Water Bearer
What’s happening to us now has already been done here before. Now it’s our turn to complete the cycle of evolutionary consciousness. Aquarius can help. Pisces can too but the sun won’t reach there for another 3 weeks. Sorry early western Pisces, you folks are sidereal sun in Aquarius. I love real Aquarians. My mom’s one. March 4th. She has a science degree in Chemistry and always encourages my astrology gifts. I’ve been doing 13 sign astrology for quite some time now. It’s always great to see more people take interest in learning astronomy astrology, which includes 13. The 13th sign is most definitely here to help astrology evolve along. Make sure to pour some libations and program your drinking water. Till next time, Happy Super-duper new moon.

*This New Moon in Aquarius Cycle will be in effect for the next 2 weeks. If you would like to know more about this alignment and how it relates to your 13 sign birth chart please complete the form below, thank you.

Full Moon in Gemini ……Sirius the Dog Star

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