Super Full Moon in Aquarius

Happy Full Moon!

And it’s also a Supermoon too!! Supermoons are new and full moon alignments that happen extremely close to the earth. Because of this, their energetic effects will be the strongest of the year! The Sun is still in Leo and Moon will be moving into Aquarius for this super full moon alignment. Check your Google sky map apps. I know all the mainstream astrology articles are saying Pisces, but western mainstream astrology is not factual. It is not star based and so it does not reflect real star placements. 13 sign astrology has been my specialty for years and I am forever changed by knowing these distinctions.
Welcome to the Aquarius freedom loving Full Moon cycle! It’s all about you being you, and sharing your spiritual talents with humanity. Aquarius, in ancient Egypt, is known as Hapi, God of the annual flooding of the Nile. Hapi is a fertility God and is considered to be the ‘Father of the Gods’. He was known to be loving, caring and about peace. Hapi has breasts and a protruding belly to represent the fertility of the Nile. He is androgynous and here to remind us that We are One. His priests were responsible for measuring and predicting the water levels of the Nile. Something so many different life forms depended on. Water. For this reason Aquarius represents our scientific, higher mind and collective consciousness. Channels. Currency. Frequency and Air Waves. The Universal Mind. The water, that which unites us and aligns our intentions through waves of consciousness. At times, it can be electric and shocking! Massive social changes and events are happening to teach us how to evolve further. Everything is connected and we must learn how to adapt to current world affairs. For the next 2 weeks, look out for a few surprises in the world of human and civil laws and rights. Protests and movements are on the horizon. Hopefully we are moving in the direction of better understanding. Also prepare for utter chaos. Aquarius is the sign of unpredictability and things can go either way. Expect the unexpected and a few social upheavals to follow. To keep things calm visualize, focus, meditate only on positive intent.

We are now officially in the magical time between Summer and Fall. Aquarius, the electric water bearer, pours into humanity, the revelations that are needed at this time. We have to tune into our higher calling with Aquarius. Look for a new way to merge with your higher purpose. The Aquarius full moon will strengthen humanity, upheavals, innovations, technological advancements and inventiveness. Always use full moons for expanding and growing ideas that are dear to your heart. The collective shift in consciousness will continue. Studying astrology, moon cycles, crystals, herbs, and psychic/angelic (higher calling) communication are becoming more mainstream. People are tired of lower vibration subjects and activities. Aquarius is the highest level of the mental plane (Uranus). Where observation of the lower mind happens. For this reason, among others, Aquarius is the sign of the Alien Scientists. The Ancestors, their higher forms of technology and existence. Simultaneously Aquarius is the very old, Ancient and the new. Think back to the stories of Atlantis and Lemuria, Mu and Minoa.


*The Planetary Crystalline Grid & Rainbow Aura of the New Earth*

Aquarius is a mental air sign with water emotional abilities. Steer your mind and your emotions will follow. Cultivate your unique spiritual gifts and share them with the group. Aquarius is the sign of the unique individual and the social activist. Learn how best to balance your alone time and time with the community. It’s time for a change. Aquarius is the sign of experimentation and invention. Always remember you create your reality. If there is something you wish to improve, now is the time. Aquarius teaches us that using intuition, knowledge and metaphysical law we bring our inner world to life. Everything is energy, vibrations, harmonics, light and sound first. Aquarius also represents the ancestors and the origins of humans as light beings or aliens. The Annunaki. Don’t be afraid to expand your awareness. Pour libations and talk to your spirit guides. This is also a great time to do a series of spiritual baths and fasts for better circulation. This is the full moon highlighting our metaphysical skills! Astrology, reiki, lucid dreaming, yoga and all forms of healing are on the rise! Network to find the spiritual enlightenment you wish to seek. Celebrate your unique abilities and be thankful for your community as a whole. Now is a good time to upgrade your survival skills, gadgets and equipment. Also it’s always a good idea to stock up on water. Like the lotus flower, be in the world but not of it.
What’s happening to us now has already been done here before. Now it’s our turn to complete the cycle of evolutionary consciousness. Aquarius can help. Pisces can too, but the full moon won’t reach there for another month! The final Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse next month is a Pisces one. I’ve been doing 13 sign astrology for quite some time now. It’s always great to see more people take interest in learning astronomy astrology, which includes 13. The 13th sign is most definitely here to help astrology evolve along. Make sure to pour some libations and program your drinking water. Till next time, Happy Super-duper full moon.

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HAPPY SUMMER SOLSTICE . . .Renewal of the Spirit

Happy Summer Solstice!

Today marks the Summer Solstice.
It’s officially the 1st day of summer. It’s also the 1st degree our Sun truly enters Gemini. If you have a Google sky map app on your phone, you can view the actual position of the Sun, as it is just leaving Taurus. Gemini is a sign of dualities and doorways. This year for the Summer Solstice we also have a Mercury retrograde shadow, showing us both sides of all situations. Shadow zones can be even harder than the retrogrades themselves. It’s very important to remain SUPER positive about the good in your life starting today! Summer Solstice is the time of the year with the most sunlight. June 21st to June 24th have the 4 longest days of Light. After June 24th the days are shorter and the nights become longer. These 4 days should be spent in meditation, affirmation, and deep prayer. Again, stay positive, focus on your goals, and pay attention to your dreams. There will be a deeper meaning behind them for this alignment. This is the time to get readings and listen to your higher self. Ra the Sun God is in full force, raising our kundalini and awareness. This is a time of programming. Time to cleanse your light body and visualize what you want to manifest in your life!

Some of my favorite ways to cleanse*

*Oil pulling with unrefined sesame oil before drinking or eating anything (Ayurveda)

*Warm lemon water in the morning fresh squeezed.

*A gallon of purified water a day (Strive to get close to it as possible)

*Warm Himalayan Pink Sea Salt water in the morning (before lemon water, after oil pulling)

*Hot Yoga (it’s like 3 sessions in 1 because of the heat!)

*Sauna/Steam Room (ahhh lol)

*Chamomile Tea (light, perfect for summer, great for nerves, digestion and healing)

*All Raw Diet (Enzymes= Electricity.)

*Fresh squeezed Raw Juice (Enzymes= Electricity & easy to digest, rapid healing)

*Meditation (Brainwaves)

*Skin Brushing (Opens and cleans pores leading to nerves, increases healing)

*Chant Nam myoho renge kyo (translation: I devote myself to being one with the Universe)

*Summer Solstice at Stonehenge


*Summer Solstice at Stonehenge

The Summer Solstice was the most important day of the year in ancient Egypt. Our original Solar Calendar was calibrated to the rising of Sirius on this day! This is the star of Goddess Isis/Auset. Annual flooding of the mighty Nile River would also happen for the Solstice and is the basis of all ancients worship, ceremonies, and rituals that developed in its path. We have this alignment to thank as the birth place of the stars and the most prominent deities. The Great Pyramids are calibrated to this star. The level of creativity is very high in this Taurus-Gemini area of the sky.  In ancient Egypt, Summer Solstice was the beginning of the New Year. This is the Spiritual New Year’s Day! This is a rise in consciousness. This is the wishing cycle, where your most powerful visions will be answered. Create a ritual to honor the light within yourself and all those around you. This is a Spiritual Renewal!

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Full Moon in Serpentarius Ophiuchus….. The 13th Sign

Happy Full Moon! I’m sure by now most of us have heard about the 13th sign in astrology. But many are still asking, is it real and what is it called? Where did it come from and why does it … Continue reading

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo…..Maat, The Double Winged Goddess

Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse!

This is the 2nd new moon in Virgo and one of the deepest areas of the sky! In real time 13 sign astrology we know Virgo is 44 days long and starts on Sept 16th. That means true Virgo spans into all of tropical Libra and the whole month of October. Check your satellite apps today. You are in for a surprise. This is not a Scorpio eclipse! I repeat not a Scorpio new moon or eclipse. Virgo and Scorpio do have healing and feminine magic in common but they differ in method. Scorpio will want to get emotional and intense but Virgo will be the one to stay calm and productive. Trust me; I have both signs dominating my 13 sign astrology chart. Choose to be calm and productive today. This is a time to heal and reorganize ourselves. We are coming up on the end of this very important mercury retrograde and swiftly closing out the year. Many changes have already begun. This eclipse will be felt for the next 6 months, as eclipses usually are. This means everything in your life will need rearranging and complete restructuring for about that long. The whole world will be changing right along with you. It’s best to keep order and balance of mind and spirit to meet the necessary changes with grace and divine protection. It was revealed to me in more ways than one that Virgo is the Virtue of Maat. The Purity of the Mind and Body. Read thru my last 3 articles, especially my piece on The Virgo Retroclipse. The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus are all deep in the constellation of Virgo today. It is important to remember your mind and body as One. All things are connected and we are living this more and more each day. Maat is known as the Double Winged Goddess. That which is within me and that which is around me. Maat is the union of opposites that create harmony. The 10 commandments are just a fraction of the more detailed 42 Laws of Maat they were adopted from. Teach them to your children and the young adults around you. I wish I knew them a bit more in detail before I learned some of my greatest lessons the harder way. An excellent exercise to practice for this alignment is to say the 42 Laws of Maat when you wake up or just before bed.

 MAAT – Right and Truth

Transgressions Against Mankind

  1. I have not committed murder, neither have I bid any man to slay on my behalf;
  2. I have not committed rape, neither have I forced any woman to commit fornication;
  3. I have not avenged myself, nor have I burned with rage;
  4. I have not caused terror, nor have I worked affliction;
  5. I have caused none to feel pain, nor have I worked grief;
  6. I have done neither harm nor ill, nor have I caused misery;
  7. I have done no hurt to man, nor have I wrought harm to beasts;
  8. I have made none to weep;
  9. I have had no knowledge of evil, neither have I acted wickedly, nor have I wronged the people;
  10. I have not stolen, neither have I taken that which does not belong to me, nor that which belongs to another, nor have I taken from the orchards, nor snatched the milk from the mouth of the babe;
  11. I have not defrauded, neither have I added to the weight of the balance, nor have I made light the weight in the scales;
  12. I have not laid waste the plowed land, nor trampled down the fields;
  13. I have not driven the cattle from their pastures, nor have I deprived any of that which was rightfully theirs;
  14. I have accused no man falsely, nor have I supported any false accusation;
  15. I have spoken no lies, neither have I spoken falsely to the hurt of another;
  16. I have never uttered fiery words, nor have I stirred up strife;
  17. I have not acted guilefully, neither have I dealt deceitfully, nor spoken to deceive to the hurt another;
  18. I have not spoken scornfully, nor have I set my lips in motion against any man;
  19. I have not been an eavesdropper;
  20. I have not stopped my ears against the words of Right and Truth;
  21. I have not judged hastily, nor have I judged harshly;
  22. I have committed no crime in the place of Right and Truth;
  23. I have caused no wrong to be done to the servant by his master;
  24. I have not been angry without cause;
  25. I have not turned back water at its springtide, nor stemmed the flow of running water;
  26. I have not broken the channel of running water;
  27. I have never fouled the water, nor have I polluted the land;


  1. I have not cursed nor despised God, nor have I done that which God does abominate;
  2. I have not vexed or angered God;
  3. I have not robbed God, nor have I filched that which has been offered in the temples;
  4. I have not added unto nor have I minished the offerings which are due;
  5. I have not purloined the cakes of the gods;
  6. I have not carried away the offerings made unto the blessed dead;
  7. I have not disregarded the season for the offerings which are appointed;
  8. I have not turned away the cattle set apart for sacrifice;
  9. I have not thwarted the processions of the god;
  10. I have not slaughtered with evil intent the cattle of the god;

Personal Transgressions

  1. I have not acted guilefully nor have I acted in insolence;
  2. I have not been overly proud, nor have I behaved myself with arrogance;
  3. I have never magnified my condition beyond what was fitting;
  4. Each day have I labored more than was required of me;
  5. My name has not come forth to the boat of the Prince;

    Maat New Moon

    There are many slightly different variations of the 42 Laws of Maat. Laws of the Universe. Laws of Oneness. Maat is a Goddess and a concept, a principle. The Double Winged Goddess of Right and Truth. Solar Eclipses remind us that changes and endings are necessary for our growth. This will be a powerful New Moon new start, especially after a jam packed retrograde all in Virgo, Virgo, Virgo. One of the most important signs to tune into. Virgo represents the woman, the mind, the earth and the Maatrix Mother. Where all things are connected. All actions carry seeds of their own justice. Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse!

    *This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo Cycle will be in effect for 2 weeks. If you would like to know more about this alignment and how it relates to your 13 sign birth chart please complete the form below, thank you.

New Moon in Virgo. . .Balancing the Matrix with Ma’at

The season begins with a new moon in Virgo! This will be perfect for cleaning up and clearing out! In 13 sign astrology, we know that Virgo is the longest constellation and spans about 44 degrees! This detail oriented and super intricate sign represents the digestive system and all its sensitivity. The colon is the longest part of the body and is a group of nerves having its own intelligence! Hence the phrase, Gut Feelings! Virgo is an earth sign. The mental earth sign. The purity of the Mind and its intentions. Heaven and Earth are One. It was revealed to me in more ways than one that Virgo represents Ma’at the Matrix Mother. The virtue of the Goddess and her principals. Ma’at is here to remind us of Universal Truth. Everything is connected and works together to create the whole. Ma’at is the Goddess of Universal Order and Virtue. Virgo is the sign of organization, purity and virtue. The earth is a living breathing organism and we are All part of it. Ma’at keeps everything moving, balanced in the sky and on Earth! See all the similarities? The equinox is the balance of seasons in relation to Heaven and Earth. Mind and Body.
Maat wings
Remember this as you dig through your own psyche and choose what to let go of and what to help grow. The Virgo earth has a dual function. It gives life and also buries the dead. Also remember all disease starts in the mind and in the colon. This is the month to work on both ends. There will be another Mercury Retrograde starting up in about a week and a few days later a total eclipse! Working with a cleansing routine will help us all get through it. Explore various mind body activities you feel will be beneficial such as yoga and meditation. Really work on your raw juice and food intake. Enzymes are the key to life! Virgos tend to worry, so counter this added restlessness with writing and listening to healing music. You may need more sleep and exercise to feel your best. Peppermint and chamomile tea always calm my nerves. Herbal cleansing and positive affirmations are words to live by for Virgo season. Always remember you are healthy and whole just as you are. Virgo is a symbol of the womban. The Perfection and Completion of the Goddess. 13. Honor the women in your life. The sacrifice and serving nature in all of us will need to be balanced with the equinox, new moon, lunar eclipse and mercury retrograde all happening while the sun is in Virgo! The full moon lunar eclipse will be in the opposite sign of Pisces on October 7th/8th bringing in an air of compassion. This will also bring on a lot of tears. You may be feeling the effects of the eclipse already as I am. A major eclipse in Pisces spells a great need for meditation and so I think that will be the main solution for anyone having issues this month. Virgo new Moon is the best time to organize your Mind Body connection! Happy New Moon!

* This New Moon in Virgo cycle will last 2 weeks until the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces. If you would like to know more about this alignment and how it relates to your 13 sign birth chart please complete the form below, thank you.

Colloidal Gold…..Nature’s Finest

Alchemy is the ancient practice of using magic, Hermetic principles, and spirituality in creating elixirs of life. The practice of using gold for natural health and longevity dates back at least 5000 years in Egypt, China, the middle East, etc. The colloidal method is created using a low electrical current with a noble metal suspended in water. This way, only a minute amount is introduced into the body, which already needs small traces of these precious metals for optimal efficiency. Colloidal gold isn’t as popular as colloidal silver. But both are a valuable asset to have in your health treasure chest! Silver is widely known as a supplement used to destroy bacteria and viruses. Gold can be used internally and externally as well, and historically has been paired with silver to create a synergistic healing effect in the body. Gold was prescribed to Pharaohs, Nefertiti and Cleopatra for its health and beauty benefits.

gold pic large

Colloidal gold is good for the skin. Joint pain and inflammation especially arthritis pain is significantly reduced by taking colloidal gold. It’s also good for healing burns. It naturally rejuvenates the cells, DNA and electric transmission signals to nerves in the brain! Amazing! Colloidal gold increases mental alertness, memory and I.Q. test scores! Concentration, over all mental health, and physical wellbeing improves while taking colloidal gold. Even sexual libido. Another great reason to supplement using colloidal gold is that it helps those suffering with depression and or anxiety! Ovarian and prostate cancer can also be treated with colloidal gold. If you or someone you know is trying to cope with suicidal tendencies, colloidal gold comes highly recommended. Parkinson’s and other degenerative diseases of the brain, like multiple sclerosis, can be reversed by supplementing with gold! It helps you to relax, improves circulation, and regulates the heart beat and all glandular functioning. Colloidal Gold is also great for any nervous issues, insomnia and hyperactivity too. Obesity, drug and alcohol addictions can all be tamed with the help of colloidal gold! It’s no wonder why the ancients and aliens treasured gold so deeply. Our blood and molecular DNA structure contained more gold originally and is the key to remembering what we have lost. Ionic gold is a step above in the colloidal process. Ionic gold is water soluble and the preferred way in using gold as a supplement at

Ionic Gold

Activated Charcoal……Black Magic

Activated Charcoal, carbon, has been used for over 10,000 years in the form of powdered burnt wood! It is one of the oldest universal remedies to date and is 100% alkaline! Used in Chinese, Egyptian, and ayuvedic medicine, activated charcoal binds to toxins and poisons, flushing them out! Charcoal has millions of tiny pores that act like magic to capture and absorb harmful chemicals and heavy metals like treacherous mercury, lead etc! It cleanses the colon, intestines, and is great for helping with digestion issues, gas, and bloating. In case of food poisoning, just a teaspoon of activated charcoal in a glass of water can save your life or your children’s. It will also help kids calm down from sugar and process food overloads. Going out to eat, a family can take activated charcoal and reduce their chances of getting sick. Activated charcoal is totally safe to human health and has no side effects. It helps in the detoxification process. It is a highly absorbent material. Activated charcoal will even help someone detoxing from exposure to mold! Unwanted bacteria will move through your system faster and won’t have time to multiply, when taking activated charcoal!
activated charcoal pic
It gets rid of bad breath, body odors and skin issues, including poison ivy, insect bites, and inflammation. It is also anti-aging. Abracadabra! And taking it before consuming alcohol will help prevent a hangover! Charcoal was a popular ancient remedy for epilepsy. Charcoal is recommended for curbing pms, depression and or fatigue. It is the safest way to get rid of toxins while pregnant! And can help in bouncing back from jet lag! Activated charcoal is #1 to whitening and brightening of the teeth! It will remove stains and plaque, especially dreadful coffee stains! Gone! Voila! Like magic! Activated Charcoal will also help people who are addicted to chemical substances, kick the habit! Activated Charcoal actually has spinning electrons and should be taken daily, between meals, and a few hours after medications or supplements so they have time to be absorbed first. Activated charcoal is usually created using willow back, coconut shells, or bamboo! It is very affordable and can be found at

Activated Charcoal (Willow Bark) 1 oz
Activated Charcoal Plus 100 capsules

Full Moon in Capricorn. . .The Sea Goat

Happy Full Moon!
This month we have a Super Moon! It’s closer to the earth for this full moon, so we are all feeling its effects more than usual. Contrary to western astrology, this full moon is in Capricorn. Money, power, business, status and success will be the focus for the next 2 weeks. Go ahead and get busy with your list of things to do. Work, debt, salary and time are all major right now. We can definitely get ahead using better time management. Saturn, Capricorns domain, is Father Time and represents the laws of the material world. Without proper structure this moon cycle can become a depressing frustration! If you want to be a grand achiever and manifest your goals, you have to do the necessary work. Ask yourself what is your ultimate destination. What mountain can you summit that will bring total fulfilment?
capricorn fish
Capricorns symbolism as a Goat and a Fish helps us realize that it takes deep sea introspection and subconscious diving, in order to pull ourselves up to the top. Also nothing great is gained or maintained without a lot of sacrifice. Capricorn knows all about it. So don’t be surprised if you have to make some hard choices and some game changing moves in the next coming week or so. This full moon will support you; just use good judgment and patience. Don’t be afraid to achieve and obtain your power. Do the intense work and planning in order to raise your social status. Learn how to truly ground yourself, create new systems and routines. Again, time manage your work, don’t let the load get you depressed, do a cleanse and keep it movin! Cleansing is always very important but Capricorn Moon cycles will add an extra heaviness to the air. If you are feeling stuck, confined, restrained or depressed in any way YOU NEED A CLEANSE! Be creative with it. I’m doing Sea Moss, Watermelon, Reishi, Black Seed and Honey, Dragons Blood, tons of water and Ginger just to keep things flowing. Capricorn can be a hard energy to maneuver, especially for sensitive and etheric fairy people who wish they didn’t have to deal with harsh material realities. Use this full moon to build your life; don’t let the hard times get the best of you! On the positive side, this is a great moon for fertility rituals, herbology, earth magic, deep meditation, sexual techniques and money spells. Deities and Symbols associated with Capricorn are Ptah, Pan, Enki, Khnum, Ea, Dolphins, Coins and Music. This Capricorn full moon, go deep into the underworld, the subconscious, and work on any generational curses if you feel some may exist in your families and or yourself. Also this is the time to preserve the good we have been given from our ancestors. Help out the elders around you, they have much wisdom to share and need us to carry on the mission.

*You can find Djehuty Maat Ra’s Full Body Detox here:

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*Again Happy Full Super Moon! This energy will be in effect for 2 weeks til the New Moon.

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Reishi Mushroom……Secrets of Immortality

Reishi Mushroom is simply miraculous; it will benefit the immune system more than any other substance ever known! Reishi mushroom therapy is highly regarded in ancient Asian culture to this day. They believe reishi to be theMushroom of Immortality, as it was mentioned in the first Chinese healing text, written over 2400 years ago! It is honored as the single most powerful herb for longevity in China! Reishi mushrooms works on all three levels of the body, the physical, mental, and the spiritual. It is a whole body tonic that especially heals the liver and the heart. When taking reishi, the liver is then protected from harmful chemicals including those found in pharmaceutical drugs. Reishi helps build immunity, intelligence, energy and wisdom. It is very helpful for those with autoimmune and will stop many viruses from replicating. Nourishing the spirit, it has a calming effect on the mind, nerves and is a great anti-stress remedy. Reishi should also be used for chronic allergies, which is a result of an over active immune system. It has no side effects and can be taken daily for the rest of your life! Reishi regulates the immune system, fine tunes it, and is an adaptogen, helping us deal with all forms of toxic stress!
Taking reishi mushroom will improve our quality of life by enhancing the inner life. It improves life on every plane! Reishi is a tonic for all the bodies’ energies.  It will eradicate cancerous cells and is great for cancer survivors, helping to rebuilding the immune system after chemo and radiation therapy. Reishi is top of the line healing and is often compared to the lotus flower in spiritual significance. Reishi is a healer or shamans dream remedy and I am definitely back to taking it regularly! It is known as Ling Zhi in China and Ganoderma scientifically. Reishi can also be taken for memory loss, and alzheimers due to old age. So many wonderful remedies are offered by Reishi and why it is also called the ‘Herb of Good Fortune‘.
You can find a premium source of reishi mushroom at

Reishi Mushroom (100 capsules)

Super Mushroom Mix (100 capsules)

Colloidal Silver. . .Nature’s Shield

Alchemy is the ancient practice of using magic, Hermetic principles, and spirituality in creating elixirs of life. The practice of using silver for natural health and longevity dates back at least 5000 years in Egypt, China, the Middle East, and Europe. Today the colloidal method is used by creating a low electrical current with different metals suspended in water. This way, only a minute amount is introduced into the body, which already needs small traces of these precious metals for optimal efficiency. Over the years taking silver has become more popular than taking gold. Both can be a valuable asset in your health treasure chest! Silver is widely known as a natural antibiotic. It speeds up healing and will kill viruses. Silver was used in the Black Plague epidemic, so you can imagine the strength of its protective powers.
Silver Pic
Colloidal Silver is a necessary addition to everyone’s first aid kit. It will keep a wound clean, especially when in need of emergency assistance. Silver stimulates the immune system and destroys all known bacteria and viruses. Silver is a blood cleanser and accelerates healing too. It aids in the regrowth of cells and shrinks cancerous tumors. Colloidal Silver has no negative side effects and will assist in proper liver and kidney functioning by attacking harmful bacteria. Superbug viruses have been developing because of rapid industrialization and the outrageous use of antibiotics in our food. The recent Ebola outbreak, now being transported to Atlanta for study, should have people wondering what we can do proactively. Colloidal silver kills over 650 viruses and bacteria and there is no risk of resistant strain mutation. Pharmaceutical companies cannot patent colloidal silver so they act like it doesn’t even exist! There was a time when only the wealthy and royal families had access to silver therapy. Silver coins and containers were also used to preserve milk and juices back in the day. Colloidal silver can be enjoyed by nearly everyone since it is nontoxic overall. Use it on your pets, plans, and in your edible garden. It is also recommended as an excellent douche for maintaining vaginal health.
Colloidal silver can effectively be used for diabetes, parasites, tooth decay, burns, malaria, eczema, arthritis, etc., proving its universal abilities! Ionic silver is a step above in the colloidal process. Ionic silver is water soluble and the preferred way in using silver as a supplement at
Ionic Silver (2oz)