13 Signs: Super Full Moon in Gemini, Messenger to the Underworld

*Happy Super Full Moon & Happy New Year! #2018

This is a Gemini Super Full Moon! Not really all that emotional. It’s more like intellectual and restless. This area of the sky is completely one sign off in western astrology! That means mostly all of you Gemini’s are really sun in Taurus and just about all Cancers are really sun in Gemini’s! This is just one example of how The 13 sign zodiac is a more accurate astrology similar to the more ancient and sidereal based Vedic astrology.

Gemini, the twins are actually symbols of both sides of the mind, represented by Mercury, the messenger. Mercury has wings and can fly between the conscious world and the unconscious realm with ease. The outer world and the inner truth. He is the guide for the souls to the Underworld. Mercury is mutable and changeable like the weather. Mercury gives you wings. Mercury is also holding the caduceus, the snake with wings. The medical symbol of healing and transformation. The reptilian brain. We use our minds to heal and regenerate our bodies through meditation and prayer. Our mind state determines our health. Gemini reminds us to stay flexible and open, to diversify our skills and communication abilities. And right now, it’s a lot easier to hear from the little voice inside. It’s also easier to contact our friends and family on the other side.  Ask for help from your Angels. This is a time to have intense dialog with yourself and your spirit guides. They will answer you back. Strengthen your relationship with your own inner voice, faith and Ancestors. Make the connection with those that are gone but not forgotten. Mercury will assist you. Pour libations and speak the names of your loved ones. They are still traveling with us on this journey, they’ve come to bring us messages. Ask them if you need help right now. Make the connection. Write your visions down. They may send it to you thru meditation, prayer and a dream!

Pastel Moon

Gemini is the electric nervous system. Your mind should be wide open and totally stimulated for these next few days! Gemini helps us regain and sharpen our perspectives. The Super Full Moon is urging us to unlock this potential! Your mind should be turning faster now. You should be getting great ideas and opportunities coming your way. This is a very fortunate area of the sky! Near Sirius the Dog Star! Follow the trail. You should be learning and gaining new perspectives. It’s a great time to be social and at least reach out to people, especially old contacts and long lost friends! There’s alot of inner dialog today and light-hearted restless energy. Deep breathing exercises are perfect for the occasion. Along with Mercury, working with the energies of Eshu Elegba, Anubis, and Medusa will prove beneficial at this time.

Also, we are still currently in the shadow of Mercury Retrograde! Use this Super Full Moon as a way to have a deeper communication with your ancestors through words, spells, chants, and libation ceremonies. This full moon calls for a balance of the divine Masculine and Feminine. The Right and Left Brain.  Dark Matter and Shadows. The Underworld. Fertile Soil. Black was a symbol of fertility and rebirth to the ancient Egyptians. This Super full moon will be very therapeutic in facing our fears and mental blockages. Working with black stones for the next few weeks will be extremely beneficial! My favorites are Black Tourmaline, Onyx, Black Obsidian, and Snowflake Obsidian. Use them in meditation and next to you while you sleep.

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*Happy Super Full Moon & Happy New Year! #2018

13 Signs: New Moon in Capricorn….Year of the Fire Rooster

 Happy New Moon! & Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster!

New Moons are also known as Black Moons or the Dark Moon phase. Every month, the Sun and Moon are in the same space conjunct. Therefore, no light is reflected until they start to move away from each other and then the crescent begins to grow.  The Sun and the Moon will both be in the constellation of Capricorn for this New Moon alignment. Check your Google sky map apps. I know all the mainstream astrology articles are saying Aquarius, but western mainstream astrology is not factual. It is not star based and does not reflect real star placements. Sidereal and 13 sign astrology have been my specialty for years and I am forever changed by knowing these distinctions.

This Capricorn new moon cycle will whip us all into shape as we work with our Ancestors. Capricorn represents our karmic lineages and the determination to rise above them. Hard work and preparation is Capricorn’s objective. Life is definitely preparing us through major karmic cleansing right now! Historic events and important markers in periods of time will be completing themselves through these transits. Our ideas about widespread global slavery and these defective monetary systems will see many major revelations and transformations. After that long hard mercury retrograde and shadow zone, it’s time to get back to the business as usual attitude. Work on rebranding your public image and upgrading your systems. This is not a new moon you can choose to shy away from. Attitudes about the devil and evil will also need to be reexamined by our collective consciousness for this Capricorn new moon cycle. Face your fears slowly but surely.

We are now officially in the magical time between winter and spring! The Chinese New Year celebrations have begun and a month from now, spring will be at our doorstep. Many cultures celebrate this transitional time as the zone of the New Year and prepare for the annual reawakening of Mother Nature. This is the new moon before everything comes alive. Fresh off the heels of a Sagittarius Mercury retrograde shadow, it’s time to be more useful and practical with your higher calling. This new moon, take what you have learned during the Mercury retrograde. Apply it to long term goals and improving your self worth. Look for a new way to merge core values with your wildest dreams. Always use new moons for planting seeds and developing ideas that are dear to your heart. The collective shift in consciousness will continue as you work on yourself from within.


Never Fear, the Fire Rooster’s here! But Capricorn can be a scary place of sacrifice and seclusion. Capricorn represents toil, hardships, sadness, death, depression, and confinement. Saturn stuff. Capricorn also represents determination, triumph over tragedy, rebuilding after a storm, solid foundation, grounding and sexual earth magic! I’m pointing out some of the up and coming themes of Capricorn to prepare us for the ultra-realistic view Capricorn tends to administer. Capricorn is a complex energy. On the inside there is torment and suppression. Drive and determination is how Capricorn gets through it! Remember to get lots of water in daily and make sure to use spiritual bath therapy. Capricorn energy can get very stuck emotionally. Saving money and learning how to implement better recordkeeping skills will be mandatory for the next few weeks. Pay back all debts and come up with some plans or negotiations if you can’t. Make a way. Meditation will allow us to deal with the money stressing of Capricorn and so will music. This is also Capricorn’s domain. This moon cycle will emphasize music as a healing technique.

*The Year of the Fire Rooster 2017 will be a powerful year of total awakening! This is going to be a year of major transformations. A year of the Rising Phoenix! Dress well and be sharp!

I’ve been doing 13 sign astrology for quite some time now. It’s always great to see people take more interest in learning real astronomy astrology, which includes the 13th constellation, that is on the ecliptic. Ophiuchus. The 13th sign is most definitely here to help astrology remember its roots and reintegrate nature back into the equation. I also do Chinese Astrology Readings and combine other techniques in my 13 Sign Astrology line of work. I’m an Ophiuchus (and a Rooster), what else would you expect?

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Super Full Moon 13 Sign Astrology

Happy Super Full Moon!!

*Supermoons are new and full moon alignments that happen extremely close to the Earth. Because of this, their energetic effects will be felt the strongest for the year! The lunar energy we will be completing today is in the constellation of Pisces! That means this dreamy watery sign will influence our subconscious mind for 2 weeks till the New Moon comes in. Now is the time to jump start your spiritual life in a new direction. It is time for a Rebirth. This Super Full Moon is in the deepest depths of Pisces! A time of great spiritual renewal and transformation. This is a new Paradigm awakening within our lives! And it is happening through us searching deeply within! Pisces is the spiritual abyss to the underworld. The primordial waters. The cycle of life, death, and rebirth continues for all beings and creatures of the universe. Pisces is The Mother of all Mothers. The void. Mamiwata. To access the powers of this Super Full Moon and the next 2 weeks, you must have Faith. This full moon will have us collectively feeling the deepest parts of our soul’s existence.


The Sun, still in Virgo till Halloween, is asking us to cleanse, cleanse, cleanse!!! Working with the waters of Pisces and our deepest emotions. More layers of humanity’s past karmas are ready to be purged and released again. These Blood Moons & Eclipses are like Supermoons, and have all been more important than usual. Many wonderful breakthroughs and beginnings are happening. This full Moon opposite Sun alignment will help us to balance and organize the energy with healthy organic Earth magic just to stay afloat! Working with the earth and exercising the mind-body connection are essential and can no longer be ignored. “Health is Wealth” is very real! Virgo represents the divine feminine intelligence that is our birthright within her Matrix. We all have to incubate and pass through a woman to get here on earth. The word Matrix means egg or womb in Latin and can be traced back to the Goddess Maat, the Goddess of balance and order. These principles and concepts originate in Virgo…The Maatrix Mother. In reality it is the constellation of Virgo that is on the Fall Equinox, creating the balance that we are All seeking.

Happy Super Full Moon! 

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*13 Sign Astrology is the Real language of the Heavens*


Reishi Mushroom……Secrets of Immortality

Reishi Mushroom is simply miraculous; it will benefit the immune system more than any other substance ever known! Reishi mushroom therapy is highly regarded in ancient Asian culture to this day. They believe reishi to be theMushroom of Immortality, as it was mentioned in the first Chinese healing text, written over 2400 years ago! It is honored as the single most powerful herb for longevity in China! Reishi mushrooms works on all three levels of the body, the physical, mental, and the spiritual. It is a whole body tonic that especially heals the liver and the heart. When taking reishi, the liver is then protected from harmful chemicals including those found in pharmaceutical drugs. Reishi helps build immunity, intelligence, energy and wisdom. It is very helpful for those with autoimmune and will stop many viruses from replicating. Nourishing the spirit, it has a calming effect on the mind, nerves and is a great anti-stress remedy. Reishi should also be used for chronic allergies, which is a result of an over active immune system. It has no side effects and can be taken daily for the rest of your life! Reishi regulates the immune system, fine tunes it, and is an adaptogen, helping us deal with all forms of toxic stress!
Taking reishi mushroom will improve our quality of life by enhancing the inner life. It improves life on every plane! Reishi is a tonic for all the bodies’ energies.  It will eradicate cancerous cells and is great for cancer survivors, helping to rebuilding the immune system after chemo and radiation therapy. Reishi is top of the line healing and is often compared to the lotus flower in spiritual significance. Reishi is a healer or shamans dream remedy and I am definitely back to taking it regularly! It is known as Ling Zhi in China and Ganoderma scientifically. Reishi can also be taken for memory loss, and alzheimers due to old age. So many wonderful remedies are offered by Reishi and why it is also called the ‘Herb of Good Fortune‘.
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