Mercury Retroclipse in Virgo…… A Time To Heal

Happy Mercury Retrograde!

It’s everybody’s favorite Astronomical Occurrence! LOL! It’s Mercury Retrograde Season! The final one of the year! We also have The Final Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse of a Triad happening while in Mercury retrograde mode this month! This will signal major shifts and changes within the next 28 days! No one will remain the same and this is a good thing! Just trust and believe. I would like to take the time to say thank you for reading! This is a Raw Goddess 13 Sign Astrology blog. We never report falsified western coordinates. That serves no purpose to the Goddess, you and I, or the RealSky.

This mercury retroclipse season is all about seeing our past and our roots clearly, how it relates to our present, and how we can shape the future. Mercury will be in Virgo the entire retrograde!! Check a Google Sky Map if you don’t believe. Raw Goddess 13 Signs only reports RealSky Astronomical Alignments. That would automatically omit western dates. Yes. Western tropical is based on the seasons and so it is seasonology. It is not based on the stars so I don’t use it. Real Astronomical Astrology also includes my beloved Sun sign, the 13th Sign Serpentarius Ophiuchus! Virgo is a very very precise constellation and so my Virgo planets like to be accurate and we do not speculate that western is right when it is not. Virgo is the longest sign and reminds us that we are all connected to all the women in the world. She is Maat, The Matrix Mother. We women are waking up to our true power and this will have a profound effect on the evolution of our world!!! Virgo is the sign of the whole woman, the earth, and balancing of time and space. The connection to it all. Virgo is the mental earth sign. This retrograde will perfect your need for order and serving of humanity. This mercury retrograde will be very precise, although Virgo is also a mutable sign that goes with the flow. Everyday for the rest of this month, well into October, will be a mix of a relay race and a healing spa! In order to truly win and be a master of your own life, you must accelerate your mind body connection routines. This retrograde will ensure that the planet and all its inhabitants reach a new level of existence. We are releasing a lot of the old ways and thought patterns that no longer are needed in the Maatrix. We can accurately call this phase, The Upgrade. New programs and routines are being implemented for your benefit. So if you are feeling confused or frustrated, it’s not only temporary but necessary to move through with faith and determination. Think of it as a baby hatching from an egg. It has to fight and struggle to escape its old reality and circumstances in order to develop the necessary strength to survive. This is the in between state. Some may feel they have already given birth to themselves and their new reality. While others may still feel trapped in their own personal hell. Maybe even a mix of the two.

Maat New Moon
Patience and healing is needed. Although some have gotten the signs and can see the light, much much more work is in order. Lessons, blessings and answers will come in the most random and simplest of ways. This will amaze you! Just know that the universe and cycles of the Law of Attraction is working double time right now! If you are a faithful and dedicated person, you will get what you want and be able to see the blessings in everything! If you are full of doubt and fear, you may have more than a few meltdowns. Let that be your gauge if necessary. Again, you may have a mix of the two. Virgo is an organizer and there will be at least 3 shifts in consciousness as Mercury will swing through the same points in Virgo all month with the Blood Moon lunar eclipse in Pisces aligning our destinies of Universal Oneness. The great thing about Virgo is it can be predictable and managed. Keep things simple, healthy, clean, organized, virtuous and you should be safe.

P.S. Watch out for carelessness around you. People will be rushing about and accidents of all kinds can easily happen especially around the full moon lunar eclipse on the 27th. Affirmations are the theme this month to stay guided and protected. What are some of your favorite affirmations?


Say that 100 times a day whenever you need it and see how you feel afterwords.

It’s Mind over matter in the Maatrix*

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