Blue Moon 13 Sign On Goddess Time

Happy Full Moon!

This month we have a Blue Moon!

Yay!!! LOL! What’s up with a Blue Moon?

The original 13 Moon Goddess’ lunar cycles are suppressed! There are always 13 months a year! Blue Moons are only more special to our false sense of time, when we are in our western mind. Call it society’s disharmony with nature. Our Gregorian calendar goes by artificial months and ignores the natural monthly lunar cycles, which is the very definition of a month. A moonth. It’s been exactly 28 days since the last full moon on the 2nd. And yes, while there are many calendars around the world, there are always 13 New Moons and Full Moons in a yearly rotation around the Sun. 13 X 28 is a perfect number = 364 days in a year plus 1 every 4 years. This reflects natural time the Moon Goddess actually keeps for her children here on Earth! Also contrary to western astrology beliefs, this full moon is actually taking place in the constellation of Capricorn. Sidereal is a more natural and ancient form of astrology that predates western calculations. I use it to be more inline with the stars. That means this full moon cycle will highlight Earth Magic. Money, power, business, status and success will be the focus for the next 2 weeks. Go ahead and get busy with your list of things to do. Work, debt, salary and time all deserve major consideration right now. We can definitely get ahead using better time management. Saturn, Capricorns domain, is Father Time and represents the laws of the material world. Without proper structure this moon cycle can become a depressing frustration! If you want to be a grand achiever and manifest your goals, you have to do the necessary work. Ask yourself what is your ultimate destination. What mountain can you summit that will bring total fulfilment?

The Little Mermaid by Mandy Manzano

The Little Mermaid by Mandie Manzano

*Capricorns symbolism as a Goat and a Fish helps us realize that it takes deep sea introspection and subconscious diving, in order to pull ourselves up to the top. During a Capricorn full moon we can fully embody the Mother and Father with the Sun still in Cancer as its perfect polar opposition. For the Capricorn full moon, nothing great is gained or maintained without a lot of sacrifice. Capricorn knows all about it. So don’t be surprised if you have to make some hard choices and some game changing moves in the next coming week or so. This full moon will support you; just use good judgment and patience. Don’t be afraid to achieve and obtain your Power. Do the intense work and planning in order to raise your social status. Learn how to truly ground yourself, create new systems and routines. Again, time manage your work, don’t let the load get you depressed, do a cleanse and keep it movin! Cleansing is always very important but Capricorn Moon cycles will add an extra heaviness to the air. If you are feeling stuck, confined, restrained or depressed in any way YOU NEED A CLEANSE! Be creative with it. I’m doing a watermelon fast and also loads of pineapple for variety. Capricorn can be a hard energy to maneuver, especially for sensitive and etheric fairy people who wish they didn’t have to deal with harsh material realities. Use this full moon to build your life. Do not let the hard times get the best of you! On the positive side, this is a great moon for fertility rituals, herbology, earth magic, deep meditation, sexual techniques and money spells. Deities and Symbols associated with Capricorn are Ptah, Pan, Enki, Khnum, Ea, Dolphins, Coins , Mermaids and Music. This Capricorn full moon, go deep into the underworld, the subconscious, and work on any generational curses/stagnation. If you feel some may exist in your families and or in yourself. Also this is the time to preserve the good we have been given from our Ancestors. Help out the elders around you, they have much wisdom to share and need us to carry on the mission.

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3 thoughts on “Blue Moon 13 Sign On Goddess Time

  1. Femi,

    This is amazing! Thank you so much for this email! I’ve been feeling the shift and I was just talking to my friend yesterday about the Blue Moon. She said she just got an Akaskic Records reading and how the records are open even more because of the blue moon. I can relate to everything you wrote about and I knew that I needed to take the next week or so to re-shift my energy and balance out my life. It’s been a whirlwind the past 2 months or so and I’m so readay for the change which is why I’m awake now…working and checking things off my to-do list. I’ve known that I needed to do a cleanse and I’m going to go to the farmers market tomorrow to buy tons of fruit which is my favorite. I’m thinking to do a berry cleanse since I love berries so much. How long will you be doing your cleanse?

    Thank you again for sharing your wisdom Femi. Love you! Little Dragon 🙂

    • Oh that’s great Bay!! I’m always cleansing! Starting to not crave food most of the day. I’ll send u a list of things I’m doing. Fruits are always the way to go in my opinion. Just have fun with it! Thanks for the feedback! Alot of ppl just read & share but may not give such a detailed response back! So thanku lil Dragon Goddess ! 🙂

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