Venus & Jupiter Super Star Alignment

We truly are living in some amazing times! Tonite we get to witness Venus and Jupiter converge into a Super Star Alignment! Venus and Jupiter are the 1st and 2nd brightest planets in the nite sky. So much so they appear as stars! They will come closer than usual and the world gets to see it. So what does this mean? What is the Universe trying to show and tell us? Right now is the best moment of your Life. You need to focus on your dreams and reach for the Happiness you were made for. The Sky is the Limit. Actually, There Are No Limits.


Venus and Jupiter are both benefic planets that hold the Keys to Our Collective Spiritual Expansion. This Super Star Alignment will be happening at the beginning of Leo emphasizing the Heart Chakra. This will bring a worldwide focus back to love, courage, unity, centering, and creativity.  This will signal massive benevolence, social expansion, generosity and success! You should start to feel a new level of spiritualized love now. Expanding on the Planet. The Love Vibration. Higher Forms of Love. Optimism in the Face of Adversity. The Love of Travel. Helping us understand our Roots. Seeking guidance and giving guidance. Helping with the social and community issues we have today. Art as a Spiritual Healing Force.

Be charming, be sociable, be sensual and create. Expansion, success and wealth are yours to manifest!

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