Second New Moon in Taurus….. Het Heru Returns

Happy New Moon!

A new moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon are conjunct or aligned in the same zodiac sign. In real 13 sign astrology that means this month it’s happening at the end of Taurus, the cow horn priestess Het Heru, on June 16th, 2015 at 10:05 AM EDT. The Sun will actually stay in Taurus until June 19th. This year we get two chances to focus on resetting our values and rebuilding our routines with money and possessions. This message is even more evident with a Mercury Retrograde in Taurus since the Goddess’s 1st new moon in May. The Sun actually spans Taurus for 38 days!! Use this new moon to gain clarity in your visions of the Future. The new moon is a time of deep introspection and setting intentions for new beginnings. Het Heru is the Goddess of Love and therefore creative manifestation. She teaches us to enjoy life and actualize our dreams. What we see in our minds eye is what we feel in our hearts and this new moon is all about it, again! She is The Law of Attraction and before anything can manifest, it has to exist in our spirit first! We create our life with our imagination. Het Heru reminds us to channel our sexual energy into higher spiritual realms. She is THE sky Goddess giving birth to our reality here on earth. The sacred cow. We create what we desire and focus on with a passion. Anything goes, so focus wisely.

het heru goddess with wings
This is a very sensual new moon highlighting art, music, dance and fertility. Het Heru is also represented as Oshun, Aphrodite, Venus and Hathor energetically. Her worship is very old and even predates the official dynasties of ancient Egypt. She is everything that is true and good.
The Mother of Light in the Sky. Manifestation.
To maximize the potential in this new moon, beautify yourself and All around you. We deserve to feel good in this Life! Work with The Power of Intention. The Power of Creation. If you’ve been looking for a creative breakthrough, now is the time! As Mercury Retrograde moves thru it’s shadow zone, prepare for major abundance to flow your way! Activate the kundalini (sexual) energy.  Work with the subconscious mind to visualize the life you want. This is how life is created. Channel your imagination to inspire something beautiful with love and art. Make a new vision board. Focus only on what you want to happen in your life. Het Heru is the mother of every God and every Goddess. So you have to go through her to manifest anything here on Earth, with love and creativity, of course.

*Mercury Retrograde’s shadow in Taurus will last til June 26th, making Het Heru’s lessons of love and abundance even stronger. To learn more about 13 Sign Astrology & Readings done by me, join my Raw Goddess 13 Signs Astrology Group on Facebook.  Send me a request to join in on our growing community.

If you would like to know more about this alignment and where it’s happening in your personal 13 sign birth chart fill out the contact form below. New moon energy lasts for 2 weeks. Lunar Taurus energy will be the theme until July 1st. Happy 2nd New Moon in Love! 


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