Mercury Retrograde in Taurus….. Returning to Love

Happy Mercury Retrograde Season!

It’s that time again and everybody’s talking about it! I have to admit its pretty cool seeing so many people aware of cosmic changes and events! Now let’s spread more knowledge about the 13th Sign and natural sidereal star based time as opposed to western. Speaking of opposition, the full moon happens when the Sun and Moon are 180 degrees apart. Oppositions create balance and are harmonious magical wands when we see both sides of the spectrum. This next full moon on June 2nd will be in Ophiuchus Serpentarius the 13th Sign! Get out you google sky map apps and check it out for yourself! I don’t just make this stuff up. I just happen to be born the 1st day of the 13th sign. November 30th. This mercury retrograde in Taurus will involve money. Taurus is one of the most fortunate signs and so this is a good time for wealth building! Do what inspires you and for the sake of humanity. You just may find hidden gold. This is a retrograde great for advancing artistic skills of all kinds. Take care of old bills and debts. Use art and color as a healing force.

“Make Love not War” The Goddess presiding over Taurus is Het Heru aka Hathor. Oshun is another great goddess to channel for this transit. Taurus is a sign that can be hard or soft and sweet. It’s the hard lessons that often soften us. Taurus brings this lesson. Working with the earth in your community garden is favorable for healing and building a strong foundation. You can’t eat money. But you can save and heal the world by coming together, keeping it a beautiful place. Love is the lesson AND the answer here on Earth. Focus on the love and you will be more than alright! All Mercury Retrogrades this year will be in EARTH Signs not Air like western tropical astrology says. Nope. These retrogrades are for building VALUES. They are helping us get a deeper sense of being here on Earth and our relation to it, as we shift to a greater Collective Consciousness. The Universe is perfect already. No need to move the constellations into seasonal astrology. I do sidereal astrology and I account for the mystical 13th sign, correcting all western inconsistencies. Trying to be in both paradigms will confuse anyone so I suggest switching to eastern ASAP. I’m starting up my private classes and would love to hear from all of my 13 sign supporters! I would also love to hear from people who are still holding onto western astrology and may need that little extra push I can provide. Taurus is the sign of perseverance. Manifest what you want! Taurus will bring it! We are no longer a slave race. Humans have the ability to be free but are still reliving lifetimes of captivity. The Earth is shaking that old world crap off and so are her children. Your own personal journey will be unique to you and is rapidly changing as you state your intent. Use one of the most powerful alignments of the year to shift your reality as you see fit. Good Luck Star Family!

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