Giving Birth To 13 Sign Astrology

Mother’s Day is everyday and especially today we celebrate the Mothers. This article is about the Mothership of Astrology and the importance of being on 13 sign time. About 13 years ago at the beginning of 2001, my research lead me to the fact that there really are 13 Signs all the planets pass through. Not just 12. A few years before that I had already given up on following western dates in astrology. Western tropical zodiac goes by the seasons and not the actual stars. I’ve been studying astrology for over half of my life and I’m 33. 3 years in, at 17, I found sidereal eastern aka Vedic astrology and realized it was more accurate because it’s very definition means star based. Sidereal eastern astrology proved to be way more than western. My birthday is November 30th and I was now a Scorpio not a Sag. Being into mysticism at such a young age, it made sense of my psychic and divination abilities. So I was a liberated woman. No western star system controlling my main spiritual practices, I felt great! Everything was starting to make a lot more sense and things were getting deeper. And then they got deeper. I found the 13th Sign. And deeper. My birthday is actually the 1st day of the 13th Sign. Even deeper. This signs symbol is the 2 snakes with wings, the Caduceus and is the antidote to the western patriarchal mind state. Wow! All that is spelled out in astrology? Yes! I’ve been on this journey for a long time and I can honestly say this non westernernized time, nonlinear form of astrology/ astronomy/ spirituality has been my greatest gift in Life.

I’m not a mother yet but I have helped many people uncover their true astrological natal placements. The Universe gives birth to itself every second. Astrology is supposed to be a time/ space focused science. If you are in the wrong system, with the wrong origins, and the wrong thought process, you’re wasting your time because you do not have the factual energetics working for you. With western tropical seasonal astrology time you have generalizations. You do not have clarity. You have confusion. One reason why my sign was taken out is because the 13th Sign Serpentarius Ophiuchus is the gatekeeper in the center of our galaxy. The Milky Way. I’ll give more details into the diversity of these phenomena, but for now let’s just focus on the fact that it is positioned in the birth canal of the zodiac wheel right next to Scorpio. The sign of sex and death. Serpentarius Ophiuchus transforms Scorpio’s wisdom into exalted healing abilities and various forms of mystical talents. The western world is just starting to embrace these subjects after instigating a long hard battle to suppress it. Everything that has been locked away by the western mind is being released right now! People are waking up rapidly and we demand answers! I started writing my blog just over a year ago and I have been getting amazing responses to this ancient knowledge and information. Again, I am not a mother, yet anyway. But I will say this is the main way I am keeping in line with the natural Goddess flow of Life. The one that isn’t always emphasized. The natural order. The natural flow to the stars, without systematic control. I’ve essentially merged Astrology and Astronomy back together. The planets in our solar system all pass through 13 signs all day every day, even our moon. This has been happening for thousands of years! It’s nothing new. If you download a Google sky map app, you can see for yourself. Western astrology is very inaccurate. I do 13 sign birth charts and readings, relationship synastry, transits, and soon I’ll have a 13 Sign Calendar and teach classes.

Feel free to follow my blog and join my Raw Goddess 13 Signs Astrology group on Facebook for more updates. Having a 13 sign birth chart done goes beyond your expectations. Most people born in the 70’s and 80’s have Virgo and or the 13th sign outer planets. This means the generations inheriting the earth right now are here to clean it UP! Yay! So diet and exercise are super important to us. Also, all the Blood Moon Eclipses, solar and lunar have been in Virgo and Pisces, Not Aries and Libra. Pisces and Virgo are some of the most poignant Goddesses on the Wheel of Life. The Matrix Mother (Virgo) and Mamiwata (Pisces). These goddesses are essentially rising up out of the ocean to help us rebirth ourselves right now. They both are strong fertility goddesses upholding the Matriarchy in the sky. This is no coincidence and is a sure sign from the Goddess. I hope you All have a great time connecting with your Mothers today. The memories/mammories that envelop us All can be found in 13 sign Astrology. Thankyou! *0:-)

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