New Moon Winter Solstice in Sagittarius

Happy Holidays!

Let the winter celebrations begin! Most of the traditions celebrated during the next few weeks are astrological in origin and have much to do with the Solstice point we are on today. Having a New Moon the same day makes for an extra special holiday season! The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Pluto and Venus are all forming a parade through Sagittarius right now! With Pluto going direct recently, this Sagittarius holiday season will be bursting with spiritual renewal for the New Year. Solstice means the Sun, Sol, is at its lowest or highest point. The Winter Solstice is the lowest point. Now is the time to go inward for planting and seeding your intentions. Setting goals and planning ahead for the spring is what this seasonal celebration is all about.
Sag Egyptian
Sagittarius is part animal, so don’t forget to have fun and enjoy. Network and dream big for the Sag season. Sagittarius also encourages us to study other cultures, be adventurous spiritually, and learn something new and different. Different philosophies. For this special new moon, make sure to state your intentions and write them down. Solstice and equinoxes hold the seasonal balancing points on the sacred cross, that govern the Maatrix. These are the special points in the sky that balance all sides of our lives. Pluto now direct in Sagittarius means it’s time for a release, flush, cleanse from the fear of manifesting our highest purposes and desires. Start a deep healing cleanse during this darkest period of the year. Doing a cleanse during winter months will ensure that you are born again refreshed and renewed for the spring. Don’t forget your candle magic and light meditations at this time. Spiritual illumination is the meaning behind the lighting of the tree and candles for the holidays. Now is also a great time of the year for those who do collective consciousness prayers and work with the angels and ascended masters. Now is a test of faith and belief. ¬†Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign. They are known for being giving, jovial, expansive and social. Sagittarius has to have time to be wild and free. We collectively have all been through major transformations in our ideas of freedom and religion with Pluto retrograde in Sagittarius, not Capricorn. Check the google sky map. Astrology 13. These breakthroughs concerning freedom and wisdom will continue and will be moving forward, especially right now! With this major Sagittarius stellium activating tonite! In the midst of war and strife envision your future, deepen your wisdom, take a trip, and plan a trip. Study something spiritual and deepen your spiritual disciplines. That includes exercise. Sagittarius needs an outlet. This will help with any arguments that may start flaring up for the New Year. Above all else, keep the faith, do the work, and trust the process!

Happy New Moon Winter Solstice!

*This New Moon in Sagittarius Cycle will be in effect for the next 2 weeks. If you would like to know more about this alignment and how it relates to your 13 sign birth chart please complete the form below, thank you.

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