Electromagnetic Therapy…..Healing with Magnets

Electromagnetic therapy dates back many centuries. In the Middle Ages, magnets were used to treat gout, arthritis, poisoning and baldness. Today magnet therapy is widely used in the U.S., Europe, Japan and China. Magnets work on the subtle electric body to create blood flow and erase chronic pain. By attracting iron particles in the blood, magnetic therapy stimulates metabolism, increases oxygen available to cells, creating a less acidic environment within the body. In magnetic therapy, it’s the negative pole of the magnet that has the healing powers. A lot like how negative ions in the water clear and charge the aura and body. Many alternative cancer treatments include magnet therapy to halt or reverse the spread of tumors! Negative magnetic fields speed the healing of cuts, broken bones and infections. The effects of toxic chemicals, addictive drugs and other harmful substances are lessened using magnetic healing! Thin metal magnets are placed on or near the skin, alone or in groups. Magnetic therapy is known to strengthen the body’s healing ability, relieving pain and treating disease naturally. You can use magnets to heal headaches, migraines, arthritis, stress, broken bones, cure cancer, improve circulation, reverse degenerative diseases and also infertility! Healing with magnets is generally safe. But because it alters nerve impulses, do not wear magnets on your head overnight. People with pacemakers, defibrillators or infusion pumps should not use magnet therapy because of the added electric charge.
Magnets pic
Magnets can be found in different forms and strengths. There are bracelets, necklaces, blankets, insoles, seat covers, bands that wrap around the wrists, knee, ankle, foot, and waist! They can also be applied with adhesives and may be worn for just a few minutes or for weeks depending on the condition. You can find gold plated magnets at www.dhealthstore.com in various magnitudes!

*Dhealthstore.com offers 800 gauss, 1,000 gauss, 6,000 gauss, 9,000,and 12,000 gauss gold- plated magnets in quantities of 2. Each magnet comes with an adhesive sticker which allows the magnet to stick to your skin. However, you’ll need to purchase additional adhesives for when the adhesives lose their adhesion.



*A magnet (any gauss strength) worn over the Pineal gland (site of the 6th Chakra, Ajna in Sanskrit, a/k/a The 3rd Eye) helps to stimulate it. If there is calcification of the Pineal gland, a magnet worn on this site for 4-6 hours per day (never at night) will help to decalcify the Pineal gland. Stimulation of the Pineal gland will enhance the dream state as well as the attributes of the 6th Chakra, facilitating clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, intuition, visions, ESP, telepathy, etc. 

Let us know your experience with the power of electromagnetic healing! Thanks for reading! Happy Healing! 🙂

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