Vibrational Healing with Gemstones….Crystal Elixirs

Hi Everyone!
On this Full Moon in Aquarius night, I wanted to take the time out and synchronize the awareness of a very ancient and mystical way of healing. The art of making and taking gemstone elixirs and flower essences along with gold, silver and other trace minerals has a very long and powerful history. Crystals, minerals, flowers, water, humans and animals all are carrying vibrating particles of light! Our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, choices and experiences also hold frequencies and vibrations. Stress, change, and intense situations can disrupt our energy and ultimately our DNA. Blockages can bring on mental, physical, emotional and spiritual illnesses. Crystal elixirs are comprised of liquid light!  Our pineal gland, the seat of the soul, responds very well to them because it is also a crystal! Due to industrialization and environmental enslavement, we aren’t able to get the necessary light codes and fully charge up from bottled city water and food. Crystal elixirs are gonna be necessary for spiritual survival and balance in the very near future! Your chakra auric system is a battery that magnetizes energy and experiences to you. Crystal elixirs build a bridge to the things you wish to attract, along with the necessary positive intentions of course. There are many different types of crystals, minerals, flowers and gemstones available. Crystal elixirs are frequently used when contacting the higher self, guardian angels, and the ascended masters. These vibrational essences can put you in direct alignment with that which you seek. The ancient Chinese used jade, cinnabar, and hematite elixirs for longevity. You can make your own healing crystal elixirs safely using 2 glass bowls and purified water, preferably alkaline if you wish to drink it.
Most crystals and stones contain some lead and or mercury so the indirect immersion method is recommended instead of the direct immersion method. First place the stone in a glass bowl. Then place another glass bowl filled with water on top of the glass bowl with the stone. They should be placed one on top of the other in direct sun or moonlight for at least a few hours. After that you can drink the water, use it as a tincture, on your hands, feet, in a bath or healing ritual. There are many different stones and combinations of stones that balance energy. Crystal elixirs are here to help us heal and grow! Please make sure to clear, charge and set your intentions with your stones before creating an elixir with them. You can do this with sea salt and water by the full moon or sunlight. Some people swear by chimes and gongs for clearing and also crystal singing bowls. After clearing, set your intentions with the crystals and research the healing properties of the crystals you are working with. For example rose quartz is the stone for healing love and feeling loved and accepted. You could use this stone and combine it with other love enhancing stones such as jade or moonstone. You can find an array of Crystal Healing and Zodiac Elixirs at

Some of my favorite are:

The Pineal Gland Stimulator Elixir

Moldavite Elixir

First Chakra Elixir

Aura Cleansing Elixir

*And for those wanting to tune into the current moon cycle of Aquarius and also Neptune currently in Aquarius*

Aquarius Elixir

*Thanks for reading! Happy Healing! & have a Happy Aquarius Full Super Moon tonite! :-))

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