Royal Jelly…..Queen’s Rule

Royal Jelly is a milky secretion produced by worker honey bees that is used to nurture and develop the queen. It is also a very potent medicine for humans too! Men, woman, and children will all benefit greatly from the miraculous abilities of royal jelly. The queen bee only eats royal jelly her entire life. She lives 5-6 years and lays 2,000 eggs a day, while the average life of a worker bee is only 2 months! Royal Jelly is a super food rich in nutrients, jammed packed with Bee Vitamins, amino acids, minerals: calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, trace elements, essential fatty acids etc!! It’s a high level antibacterial, antibiotic, and a super antioxidant, just like honey! It’s one of the most complete food sources on the planet! Honey, beeswax, and royal jelly were used by the ancient Egyptians to preserve mummies as well as a beautifying agent for the royal families. Restore vitality, memory, brain cells and bone mass adding royal jelly to your health program.
royal jelly pic
Royal Jelly can be used to balance hormones, increasing sperm count and fertility in women. It’s also safe and beneficial during pregnancy as well! Royal Jelly will protect you from pollution, keeps the liver healthy, and increases physical strength. It is great for eye health and memory while boosting metabolism and balancing hormones. Royal Jelly will also lower bad cholesterol safely, leaving good cholesterol levels intact. Amazing! Breast cancer cells can also be reduced with royal jelly! Cancer causing environmental estrogens are everywhere. They’re in our drinking water, plastics, food and air! These harmful toxic effects can be reduced in your body with royal jelly! Please let someone you know with breast cancer in on this ancient remedy. Royal Jelly also will help protect and build the body back up after chemotherapy. It is great for inflammations of all forms and will reverse autoimmune diseases like arthritis. Did you know arthritis was an auto immune disease? Learn something new every day. Auto immune means the immune system is attacking itself. This can easily be linked back to consuming wheat gluten, like most health issues today. Royal jelly will help boost the memory of the elderly, and so will colloidal gold. Something I wrote about recently. Diabetes can be helped with royal jelly. It controls blood sugar levels. Bees have a very intelligent network and provide us with many amazing medicinal magic! Whether its depression, anxiety, sunburn, lack of energy or allergies, royal jelly is sure to improve your overall total health. Thanks to The Queen of The Sun. Royal Jelly can be found at

Royal Jelly (Freeze-dried) 100 capsules

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