Colloidal Silver. . .Nature’s Shield

Alchemy is the ancient practice of using magic, Hermetic principles, and spirituality in creating elixirs of life. The practice of using silver for natural health and longevity dates back at least 5000 years in Egypt, China, the Middle East, and Europe. Today the colloidal method is used by creating a low electrical current with different metals suspended in water. This way, only a minute amount is introduced into the body, which already needs small traces of these precious metals for optimal efficiency. Over the years taking silver has become more popular than taking gold. Both can be a valuable asset in your health treasure chest! Silver is widely known as a natural antibiotic. It speeds up healing and will kill viruses. Silver was used in the Black Plague epidemic, so you can imagine the strength of its protective powers.
Silver Pic
Colloidal Silver is a necessary addition to everyone’s first aid kit. It will keep a wound clean, especially when in need of emergency assistance. Silver stimulates the immune system and destroys all known bacteria and viruses. Silver is a blood cleanser and accelerates healing too. It aids in the regrowth of cells and shrinks cancerous tumors. Colloidal Silver has no negative side effects and will assist in proper liver and kidney functioning by attacking harmful bacteria. Superbug viruses have been developing because of rapid industrialization and the outrageous use of antibiotics in our food. The recent Ebola outbreak, now being transported to Atlanta for study, should have people wondering what we can do proactively. Colloidal silver kills over 650 viruses and bacteria and there is no risk of resistant strain mutation. Pharmaceutical companies cannot patent colloidal silver so they act like it doesn’t even exist! There was a time when only the wealthy and royal families had access to silver therapy. Silver coins and containers were also used to preserve milk and juices back in the day. Colloidal silver can be enjoyed by nearly everyone since it is nontoxic overall. Use it on your pets, plans, and in your edible garden. It is also recommended as an excellent douche for maintaining vaginal health.
Colloidal silver can effectively be used for diabetes, parasites, tooth decay, burns, malaria, eczema, arthritis, etc., proving its universal abilities! Ionic silver is a step above in the colloidal process. Ionic silver is water soluble and the preferred way in using silver as a supplement at
Ionic Silver (2oz)


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