New Moon in Cancer. . . Khepera The Scarab Beetle

Happy New Moon!
Hi everyone! If you’ve been following my 13 sign astrology info, then you know that I know the new moon is in Cancer, not Leo. I’m sorry but western astrology can be so misleading. This is a very important distinction right here. The difference between Cancer and Leo is massive! Cancer is the sign of incubation and Leo is the Sun, manifestation. Before you can manifest anything, it has to be felt in the unseen world first. Cancers symbol in ancient Egyptian astrology is the scarab beetle. The scarab is a very mystical symbol filled with the internal eternal. The scarab beetle digs and buries itself just to be reborn again, much like the moon. The process of gestation and growth belong to Cancer. This sign represents the ocean and all its varied existence. Everything is born from the ocean. Cancer is a cardinal sign and highlights feelings in motion. Emotion. The ebb and flow of life. Cancer is all about the family. The deep connections. Ancestral, karmic, and cosmic, they are all Cancers domain. Everything goes back to the ocean, the womb of all life. New Moon in Cancer is here to remind us to nurture our roots. Water our seeds (ideas) and make our deepest aspirations grow. This is THE new moon of all new moons because Cancer is naturally moon energy! Intuition and sensitivity is heightened. Internalization and acknowledgement is very necessary at this time. Like Leo, Cancer is totally creative. Those intricate emotions need an outlet! This is a time for poetry, praying, singing, dancing and emotional expansiveness. Jupiter is also in Cancer and aligned with the sun and the moon making this the most fortunate days of the year!!! All of this spells out new family bonds and deeper connections from within.
Scarab Moon
For this new moon delve into some astral travel studies and sacred knowledge. The Akashic records are also emphasized for the new moon in Cancer. This is a deep internalized metamorphosis. Cancer represents the cosmic mother, so make sure to nurture yourself, your family and closest friends. Remember your past paths and expand on it. I’m feeling an extreme level of de ja vu for the new moon in Cancer tonight. This energy will last for 2 weeks till the full moon in Capricorn. Things can get a little ruff for a Capricorn moon transit so please prepare and secure for your future now. I am available for 1 on 1 astrology lessons and readings and will be glad to help. Make sure you drink your water. Really. The Cancer new moon is also here to remind us that Life will flow smoothly if we stay hydrated. Yep it’s time to do that fast if you’ve been putting it off. Watermelon and cucumber are the fruits of the moon. Eat em up! They can be your best friend during sensitive and emotional times like these. I swear by herbal tea too. Peppermint, maca, ginger, lemon, chamomile, etc. Do it up! Drink it up! Most of the time when we’re feeling down we are actually dehydrated. Yeah, and to all the highly emotional people out there, bath rituals are essential. Use sea salt, essential oils, stones, apple cider vinegar and milks to soothe your soul. Mother takes care of all. Never forget you are loved and embrace the essence of the Goddess that surrounds you. Float on! Happy New Moon!

*If you would like to know more about this alignment and where it’s happening in your personal 13 sign birth chart (review our services and fill out contact form below).



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