Chlorella . . . Emerald Greens Cell Food

If you’ve ever wondered why chlorella is a superfood at the top of the list, here’s a few reasons why many call it the ultimate survivalist food. Chlorella is a fresh water algae, a lot like a seaweed but from a lake. Most of our chlorella supply comes from Japan or Taiwan and has miraculous properties. Chlorella is known as a great source of vegetable protein and is a powerful detoxifying agent. Anyone wanting to go vegan or maintain a detox dietary program should definitely include chlorella supplements. Energy levels soar on Chlorella! It is also great for reversing the harmful effects diabetes and cancer can have on the body. Chlorella contains many vitamins and minerals, some are: B-1, B-2, B-12, C, K, and folic acid. This is also one of the best supplements to remove mercury from the body. Spending decades living in polluted cities, we should all be using chlorella. It neutralizes toxins in the air we breathe once they enter the body! Chlorella is also a brain food that helps with focus and concentration. It boosts the immune system while balancing ph. levels. See why chlorella is irreplaceable? I can go on too! Chlorella is great for iron and B-12 deficiencies. It cleanses the liver, helps reduce high blood pressure, and promotes growth of tissues that need repair. Chlorella, Blue green algae, Kelp and Spiralina are all Keys to the Emerald City of Health. These are greens found in water and they just may hold the secrets to our survival! “Allopathic medical procedures such as chemotherapy and radiation harm and destroy the cells which is insane. These crazy Western medical procedures poison the body and weaken the body making death more viable. People are not dying from cancer – they are dying from the chemotherapy and radiation treatments.” – Djehuty Ma’at-Ra
chlorella pic
* You should look for a high quality organic source of Chlorella at your local health food store. Also check out Djehuty Maat Ra’s Emerald Greens Cell Food products on

Emerald Greens Cell Food Cleanse

Emerald Greens Cell Food Capsules 100 (50 also available)

Emerald Greens Cell Food Extract

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