Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse! Quick reminder, this is a 13 sign astrology article. We are not on western zodiac time here. I’m doing this for those who want to know and follow the true zodiac. Real astrology includes the 13th sign. I could go into my many complaints and judgments about why western astrology is practically useless and confusing. Instead, lets just start decoding this new moon solar eclipse!

The solar and lunar energy we have today is Aries and it is packed with fire power! Now is the time to jump start your life in a new direction. My last article on the recent lunar eclipse in Virgo [article] reminds us that we’re in the middle of going thru our cosmic closets and clearing them out! This is still happening, only faster. The Sun entered Aries on April 19th and will be there till about May 12th. So get comfortable with everything changing rapidly and just know that it’s time for you to at least start the process of rebuilding your dreams and create a new vision. You have to have courage to maximize the energy rising up. You have to fearlessly want it. Just make sure to balance this energy with patience. Aries have a tendency to let their strength get out of hand sometimes.

Solar Eclipses are new moons with tremendous power. This is a time of great spiritual renewal and transformation. During solar eclipses we begin something new. Right now we should be making promises to ourselves about the future. A lot of us will commit to change and mature, taking on greater challenges and adventures. This new moon solar eclipse will have us all revved up ready to pioneer the new frontier in our lives.

Mars is the ruler of Aries and is currently retrograde in Virgo, so you must plan. Cleansing and purging is still the most active force on the planet right now. The blood moon alignment recently solidified that further. And Mars will continue to bring this lesson on home for us so don’t give up on the work that has to be done on your health.  If u would like to know more about where this solar eclipse is happening in your birth chart, please complete the form below. [services]


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