FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE on Spica, in Virgo…the Matrix Mother

Happy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse! This is the first of many articles I will be writing to help demystify the real 13 Sign astrology.  It really is in line with nature and how things really are up there in the heavens. Today we have a full moon lunar eclipse in Virgo on Spica to be exact (and Virgo loves to be exact). This is a time for immense emotional and physical healing. We are still in the all encompassing sun sign of Pisces, so our spiritual truths are feeling like déjà vu right about now. Make sure to drink plenty of water and fresh juices to keep things moving in your life. Tune into how all things are connected.

The full moon eclipse deep in Virgo is asking us to cleanse.  Our past karma is ready to be purged and released. Eclipses are like Supermoons, more important than usual. Many wonderful breakthroughs and beginnings are happening and this full moon is begging us to organize our energy with herbs and earth magic. Working with the earth and exercising the mind-body connection is essential and can no longer be ignored.  Health is wealth is very real. Virgo represents the divine feminine intelligence that is our birthright. The matrix mother. We all have to incubate and pass through a woman to get here on earth. The word matrix means egg or womb in Latin and can be traced back to the Goddess Maat, the Goddess of balance and order. These principles and concepts originate in Virgo…in reality it is the constellation of Virgo that is on the Fall Equinox, creating the balance that we are seeking.

In real 13 Sign astrology, Virgo ends October 31st. Libras scales originally belonged to the claws of the scorpion. The sky was modified by the Romans to include Libra and that’s  just one of the mysteries that I have to share.  I invite you all to get on track with real 13 Sign astrology. I do readings, classes, and consultations.  Also you can download a Google sky map app to see where the planets actually are…on any given day.

It may take you some time to readjust to the ancients way.  I have been doing 13 Sign astrology for about 13 years (ironic but yes, 13). The Sidereal dates are more accurate and you will be closer to the natural rhythms.   Western astrologers modified the stars, changing our awareness into what they want us to believe. I will be sharing real time screen shots and links.  Use these tools to navigate through this wonderful sea of information.

Getting back to our featured star alignment today, Spica is the most fortunate star in Virgo.  This  constellation represents the power of the woman, the mother, health, healing, and working with the earth.  Again, health is wealth, a very important lesson that is conceived in the mind of the woman. You must have the feminine in mind in order to receive the blessings of this sign, this moon and this earth.  Without it we are fragmented, deranged, and sick! I think we are all getting the hint these days.  I have total faith that this eclipse will bring us all closer to this reality. If you would like to know more about this alignment and where it’s happening in your personal 13 sign birth chart (fill out contact form below).  Full moon energy lasts for 2 weeks.  Virgo will be the theme until April 28th.  Then we have an Aries New Moon and things get really HOT.

*Take note, especially if you are born in the 70’s & 80’s you automatically share generational planets in Virgo and Scorpio/13th Sign (Serpentarius/Ophiuchus).



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